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30 Nov

The Best Hot Chocolate in Montreal


Montreal is a city of festivals and we will find any reason to party. From month-long summer festivals to ones that take the winter by storm, we let nothing hold us back. Celebrating the season and the gift of frostbite, one needs to prepare adequately for outdoor activities; warm jacket, toque, scarf, gloves and the quintessential hot chocolate…

Yes it’s that time of year again, where the mercury dips and any cognitive reasoning of being outside in the cold is literally frozen out of your brain. Luckily for Montrealers, there are a bunch of places to get out of the cold, warm up and defrost with a steamy cup of hot chocolate.

If you’re in Old Montreal catching up on some of our city’s awesome winter festivals, make sure you visit Maison Christian Faure. Christian Faure is the distinct designation of M.O.F which stands for “Meilleur Ouvrier de France Glacier” – a prestigious award in France awarded to various master craftsmen in certain trades. This master pastry chef offers one of Montreal’s most decadent hot chocolates that will not only warm you to your bones but leaving you wanting more.


If you’re in the middle of your holiday shopping and need a quick hot chocolate fix, visit Suite 88 in the heart of downtown. This small batch artisanal chocolate shop invites you to enjoy their “intimate space where you can forget your daily troubles and travel the world” via their menu. From confectionaries to cakes and seasonal treats, Suite 88’s highlight of their menu is definitely their 13 choices of different kinds of hot chocolate.


Named after its founder Juliette Brun, Juliette et Chocolat (multiple locations), was actually established on Brun’s “passion and a frustration” – her passion for chocolate and her frustration at not finding a mug of hot chocolate that met her high standards.  Featuring a chocolate bar, Juliette et Chocolat offers a wide range of drinking chocolates both hot and cold. They equate chocolate quality to something that is comparable to wine, in that, unique flavours and aromas are found in different kinds of chocolates depending on where they’re from, how they’re cultivated and year they’re harvested. This is exemplified in their menu of over 40 different kinds of beverages that also include alcoholic ones.

Montreal’s premiere “Chocolate Bar”, Cacao 70 (multiple locations), offers everything and anything that has to do with chocolate. Close to 25 different kinds of hot chocolate ranging from 29.2% purity, all the way to 100% (with or without alcohol), a definite chocolate lover and aficionado’s fantasy destination – for an added kick, ask for a little cayenne dust to top off your hot chocolate!

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