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31 Mar

The First Supper: A Raw Food Delight

The feeling that comes from a dream being realized is nothing short of incredible.  Due to the amazing generosity of Burnt Stew Café and the fantastic support of the Whistler community, raw chefs Sarah Uy and Priscilla Levac supported by Earthsave Whistler, were able to make a dream come true with Whistler’s first raw food dinner, The First Supper.

When people hear ‘raw food’ what usually comes to mind is lettuce and alfalfa sprouts, so it’s fair to say we were actually a little surprised when the event sold out well before the day.  Perhaps we hadn’t anticipated a hidden love of raw food in Whistler, or perhaps the very words ‘raw food’ piqued a curiosity in the more adventurous food lovers in town.  Whatever their reasons, 40 people came out to Burnt Stew on the first day of Spring, and World Meatout Day, to sample the culinary delights of two of Whistler’s talented raw food chefs.

Priscilla kicked the evening off with some words about her transition to a mostly raw, plant-based diet, and how it has changed her life.  An ex-pro snowboarder, she is still very active and shared how a plant-based diet gives her more energy than before and has changed her life in so many positive ways.

Inspired by her talk, the guests were eager to try their first course and a creamy Cauliflower Velouté was served, with sweet and sour balsamic marinated red onion, and cashew crème adding a depth and richness to the dish.

Cauliflower Veloute, prepared by Sarah Uy. Photo Credit: Lindsey Cain

Next up was King Oyster Mushroom Calamari.  The flavours of the macadamia tartar sauce and spicy cocktail sauce perfectly complimented the oyster mushrooms which were breaded with flax, spices and herbs, and topped off with a squeeze of lemon.

King Oyster Mushroom Calamari, prepared by Sarah Uy. Photo Credit: Lindsey Cain

The dinner guests were visibly thrilled with their first two courses and the compliments for the chef started flowing in.  The level of enthusiasm rose even further when we began to serve the main course, Living Lasagna.  Looks of delight adorned faces and were accompanied by ‘oh wow’s and ‘that looks amazing!’s and the compliments kept on coming once the guests tasted this flavourful dish.

Living Lasagna, prepared by Sarah Uy. Photo Credit: Lindsey Cain

Three courses served and the guests more full than they ever anticipated being at a raw food dinner, it was time to show people how delicious raw desserts can be.  Jaws literally dropped when we served the chocolate brownie with brazil nut ice cream and fudge sauce.  As for the taste, well they say a picture says a thousand words…need I really say more?!

Chocolate brownie with brazil nut ice cream, prepared by Priscilla Levac. Photo credit: Melissa Trottier

Now seeing as I co-run Earthsave Whistler (with the awesome Jennie Small), you could be forgiven for thinking that I am a little biased to be writing this review, and you’d probably be right.  So to back up my claims, here are some of the comments we received after the event:


“Wow that was an amazing raw food dinner experience, an unbelievable four courses with outstanding people all around and one inspiring speech…looking forward to the next one!”

“Raw food heaven”

“Just got home from a delightful raw food dinner…the lasagna was outstanding.  I actually saved a bite to bring home for my boyfriend to taste.”

And one delightfully complimentary blog post from a guest still coming down from a raw food high.

We are still coming down from our raw food event high ourselves and want to take every opportunity to congratulate the chefs, Sarah and Priscilla, and thank everyone who made this event happen, especially all the wonderful people of Whistler who came out to experience a raw food adventure.

Finally, what four-course dinner would be complete without a few words from the chefs:

“For me, preparing food is a creative outlet and an expression of love, but preparing food that is entirely plant based, organic, whole and living is the ULTIMATE expression of love to our selves, for our mother earth, for our animal friends and to other human beings. I feel like everyone that came to The First Supper connected to that ultimate expression of love.”, Sarah Uy, Ohms and Rawk-n-Roll.

“The event turned out even better than I had imagined; people absolutely loved the food and their experience. I could feel the magic in the air! I hope to have left them inspired and motivated to incorporate more plant-based food into their diet. It only takes that ‘one’ experience for a seed to be planted. Little by little we are growing into a beautiful and magical world.” Priscilla Levac, The Raw Livestyle.

Stay tuned for details of the next event at

Raw food chefs Sarah Uy and Priscilla Levac. Photo Credit: David Buzzard


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