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1 Jun

The Fringe: Edgy for everyone

The word “Fringe” is actually a bit of a misnomer in the sense that it doesn’t get more inclusive or all encompassing than the St-Ambroise Montréal Fringe Festival. While the Fringe has a well-earned reputation for performances that sometimes push the boundaries to their limits, it’s the friendly, welcoming vibe that keeps audiences of all ages and backgrounds coming back year after year. Oh, and the lively outdoor beer tent probably has something to do with it, too.

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Known as “the party Fringe” on the Fringe circuit, the St-Ambroise Montréal Fringe Festival (May 29 to June 18), turns 27 this year. A home for both emerging and established artists, the fest will host some 800 creative and cutting edge performances featuring over 500 artists spanning all artistic disciplines – theatre, dance, music, comedy, magic and more – at more than 20 cultural venues around the Plateau Mont-Royal, Mile End and downtown. Proudly bicultural, shows are in English and French, sometimes both. For Fringe info (Fringefo?), go here.

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At the core of the Fringe are the shows, predominantly independent theatre of all strains and stripes (comedic, dramatic, musical, solo, non-vocal, non-clothed, you name it). And because the Fringe is inclusive, uncensored and unjuried (each year, the names of those wishing to perform are drawn from a lottery – there are no restrictions) the range of shows is truly A-Z. Imagination gets let off the leash at shows with titles like Bananaramallamadingdong, Sexy Dirty Bloody Scary and Teen Sleuth and the Freed Cyborg Orchestra. And best of all, prices are a win for everybody: no ticket costs more than $10.

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Nighttime is when Fringers let their, um, fringe down. In the lead-up to the Fringe, May 29 to June 17, there are an eclectic and entertaining array of nocturnal activities on tap including Pinball Karaoke at new MTL pinball palace North Star, a Fringe Prom, Pop-Up Gallery Fringe, the Fringe Halloween Party and even the Provincial Air Guitar Championships. During the Fringe when the shows are happening, June 1-18, the nightly “13th Hour” variety show and dance party (so named because it begins at 1 am) is a must-see staple that ensures the Fringe lives up to its party reputation. Admission is free.

The Fringe Park is the social hub from which all fringing emanates. Situated in the leafy, tree-lined Parc des Amériques in the heart of the Plateau, here is where artists and audiences mix and mingle and trade info (or “Fringe buzz”) about what shows to go see. Home to the much-loved beer tent, the Fringe Park also features street eats, a ticket booth, a swag stand, shaded relaxation areas and daily live music (in fact, many of Montréal’s best known bands have graced the Fringe stage at one point or other). Of particular note is the highly anticipated Drag Races competition, for many the pinnacle of Fringe Park activities every year, and hosted by famously fabulous Montréal drag queen Mado Lamotte.

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If your appetites extend beyond the artistic, try the new Fringe Menu. Several eating and drinking establishments in the Plateau and Mile End are for the first time offering custom Fringe “specials,” such as Curry Mahal’s Fringe Vegetarian Thali, Bishop Bagg’s Cocktail Fringe Negroni, Patati Patata’s Fringe Classic Breakfast, and famous 24-hour poutine emporium La Banquise’s Fringe Poutine. Bon appetit au Fringe!

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