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2 Nov

The On Déjeune team does 3 MTLàTABLE brunches

“Move your arm a bit, Michel”, “Jeanne, pour the maple syrup”, “Laure, put your hand down”. Perched on a bench with his iPhone 6, Olivier is as seamless as an orchestra conductor, his eye on everything, his tone assured. Earlier in the morning, Michel created a few Instastories and Snapchat videos for On Déjeune’s cool social networks. A quick consult and the final choice is made. Jeanne takes over, makes a few changes to Olivier’s text and, in the blink of an eye, touches up the photo with a Minority Report-like app. You can now go see the result on the collective’s popular Instagram feed…

Straight outta DEJTON // Fuck pas avec le DejCrew #dejlife Photo par @kara_bino

Une photo publiée par On Déjeune (@ondejeune) le 13 Sept. 2015 à 11h22 PDT

Created on a whim by Olivier Guénette (the rapper Maybe Watson) and Michel Beauchemin (the account’s designated hand model), the idea for On Déjeune (which translates loosely as, “Let’s brunch”) was born over two years ago at Café Pagaille. The name, the official hashtag—#ondejeune—and artistic direction were chosen that first day and nothing has changed since. A photo taken from above (flat lay for the initiated), a feast-like brunch artfully displayed, hands in motion, that’s it. Joining this crack team is Jeanne Rondeau-Ducharme, Olivier’s girlfriend, student and popular Instagram influencer, but only “part-time” as she likes to point out. A bunch of friends enamored of photos, epicureans in search great places to eat, fueled by their fascination for new projects. And far from sticking exclusively to photos, the collective continues to diversify, delving into the fields of art, fashion and music.

Il est maintenant possible de te procurer ton “outfit” officiel pour déjeuner ! Écris nous sur la page Facebook d’On déjeune si ça t’intéresse !

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