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7 May

The Proof: Adam Taber

Born and raised in Toronto Ontario, I made the move out west many years ago and became one of the statistics of those who came but never left… But it has become home, and I love living here.  Drawn to the mountains by earlier travels through the Himalayas, I knew when I came here for a visit that I needed to be around the energy that the mountains give off.  My prior love for all things outdoors made the transition pretty seamless – enough so that it is hard to think I have been here over 10 years now!

Living in Whistler has also allowed me to continually work on my photography, given the valley can provide an endless list of vistas and subjects to shoot! Though much of my shooting history has been surrounding sport, I have more recently been trying to hone my eye for fine art shots, as well as ridding my shyness in shooting portraits.  At the moment,  I am focusing on getting more involved as event photographer for larger promoters… Nothing like being up front an in the middle of the action during a high-energy concert!

Feel free to check out my work, and am always open to people contacting me about photo-related questions and/ or requests!



The Photos

01  Home sweet home!
02  Home view from home!
03  Play toys inside of home!
04  The hummingbirds that come to visit my home!
05  Where I have my morning coffee while at home!
06  Where I seem to spend half my time when at home…! :-p
07  My wolf and my canoe when getting away from home
08  Nothing to do with my home, just one of my favourite shots and one the more fun shoots from this past winter!

The Questions

What neighbourhood do you live in?
I live on Alta Lake Rd, near Rainbow Park. Best view in town!

What do you do and where?
I work as an Ice Maker and Refrigeration Operator at the Whistler Sliding Centre (bobsleigh track).

What are you working on?
Getting my website, facebook page, Flickr and SmugMug accounts more streamlined and comprehensive image-wise.  Also working on my digital workflow, utilizing wi-fi, Bluetooth, tablets and such to be able to shoot, edit and send files remotely, real-time on location.  Might be the new wave in event coverage and photojournalism!

Where can we find your work?

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