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29 Oct

The Proof: Alexandra Goodman

Alex, unchained.

I like to make things.

When I was a kid I made mobiles out of seashells and marbles and kick-ass collages out of cut up magazines.  Ah, the good ol’ days, when cutting up magazines was enough to keep me entertained (and covered in glue) for hours!

Lately I’ve been making jewelry.  Mostly out of rocks and chains.  Sometimes I make giant dreamcatchers.  Occasionally, I make witty remarks.  Consistently, I make killer meals.

I’m a huge fan of color with an eclectic wardrobe to prove it….I’m a fervent pursuer of adventure, a voracious defender of real whole food, a devoted lover of fun and an eternal dreamer of things that may not even be possible.  I love to laugh.  Even when it’s not in style.  Even by myself.

I also have a strange affinity for cardio, which comes in handy for ski touring.  Sweating reminds me I’m alive.  It also reminds me of my Scandinavian bloodlines and that I am not meant to live in a hot country.   I’ll take North over South any day. Canada suits me perfectly.

My roots began in the East Coast, but the mountains of the West are my home now and continuously inspire me- simply and profoundly.


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The Photos

01  Mountains, rocks and metal.  My life force and media.

02  The “Teresa” neck cuff.  I made this for a Whistler lady friend, twice.  She lost the first one and I had to make her another, she couldn’t live without it.  I’m pretty sure this necklace is well-loved in its new home.  A real show-stopper.  She wears it like a star.

03  I’m a perpetual dogsitter.  This is my friend Dee’s husky-wolf “Yuki”.  I’m madly in love with this dog.  I could happily spend all day in the woods with her.

04  “Hound’s tooth” Pendant on two tone chains.  My bestseller.  Pendant made of polished bone.

05  Octopus earrings with turquoise.  Engraved sterling silver cones, turquoise rounds and assorted chains.

06  Sleeping beauty turquoise from Arizona.  Rare and stunning.  Turquoise is by far my favorite stone to work with.  My mother Tatjana makes bi-annual trips down to Arizona and brings some back for me.  She’s a true gem.  Love her deeply.  Every piece of turquoise jewelry I make is infused with her love, wisdom and protection.

07  Fun fact: I studied Holistic Nutrition in Vancouver.  I believe strongly in the power of real food.  Fresh herbs are my superfood- they keep my creative juices flowing!

08  A.R.G herself, in the “Joanna” earrings.


The Questions

Where do you live?

I recently moved from Alpine (my most favourite Whistler ‘hood ever) to the Residences at Nita Lake off West Side road.  Although my leaving Alpine was akin to leaving the womb, I’ve adjusted quite nicely – our killer view of Wedge really eases the pain.

What do you do and where?

Mostly, I pursue adventure in the woods and/or in the hills- on planks and wheels, or by the courage of my own two feet.  I’ve also been known to partake in “yogging” and “yogi-ing”.  When weather permits (which is not that often) I sit inside and make things.  I’m fortunate to have an extraordinary posse of positively rad women and ridiculous gent’s with whom to play.  When I’m feeling brave, I try to follow my man around in the mountains.

What are you working on?

I’m always working on something or another……I’m perpetually plagued by the one-too-many-irons-in-the-fire disorder.  When I’m not working on 16 different projects, I’m most likely titillating my  taste buds and attempting to assuage my active mind with some Shcramm gin; my gawd that stuff is good!

Where can we find your work?

I currently only sell from my home.




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