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19 May

The Proof: Eric Beckstead

Eric Beckstead grew up in Calgary, Alberta focused on skiing, skateboarding, surfing, photography, cinematography, art and lifestyle. After high school in Calgary, he studied cinematography in Vancouver, BC then moved to Whistler, BC where he currently resides. An injury sidelined him from any sports but helped him find the time to push his artistic passions. He currently shoots with professional athletes, models and artists of all levels.


The Photos

01  I have skied since I was 2 and most likely wouldn’t live in Whistler if this hadn’t been the case.  This is where I always want to be and despite a fractured tibia, multiple torn ligaments and tendons I had to get a turn in for this shot.
02  My personal studio and workshop in Alta.
03  Off The Wall Kids x Coldsmoke.
04  I came across this living fawn while filming in Merritt, at this young age they are still in the midst of learning how to walk and are taught to lay still and blend with their surroundings. While I snapped photos the mother was trying to bait us away from her young.
05  Surfing in Sombrio with the homies!  Thanks Sauterlee Surfboards for the custom design!
06  Gainer off the tree platform at loggers lake, definitely one of my favourite haunts in Whistler.  I am really against the municipality cutting down all the ropeswings that locals have spent so much time setting up just because people got hurt.  Everyone swings knowing a massive risk is involved, if someone is hurt on a cliff on the mountain are they going to remove that too?
07  Sample of my art.  Message me for custom orders or details.
08  Representing Whistler Alternative Lifestyle magazine Features/Webisodes-


The Questions

What neighbourhood do you live in?
Alta Vista.

What do you do and where?
I work for myself as a photographer, cinematographer and artist.

What are you working on?
I am currently putting my focus into a video magazine style project dropping as webisodes.  Along with Anna Lengstrand, we are featuring Whistlers Alternative Lifestyle and the people that make it up.  Each video mag will feature an artist, athlete and entrepreneur while portraying them in a unique light.  Our goal is to promote talented individuals and businesses while showing a side of Whistler a weekend warrior or seasonal traveler may never see.

Under the label, Off The Wall Kids, we want to give the people of Whistler a fresh voice.  Off The Wall Kids represent the youthful and young at heart. Anyone who aims to inspire, create and dream is OTWK.  Anyone pushing the limits, making changes in the right directions and never taking anything at face value is OTWK.  With Whistler Alternative Lifestyle video mags we will bring these Off The Wall Kids into the spotlight and share their stories.

Where can we find your work?
Off The Wall Kids trailer and future video mags can be found at

We chose to work with Coldsmoke since they represent everything we are about.  (If you’ve ever heard of Powder Mountain Heli/Cat Skiing you have already heard of them).  Coldsmoke Co. is a lifestyle company based out of Venice, CA with a really sick clothing line of military influenced fashion meets function approach that perfectly suits the environment we surround ourselves with in Whistler.
My personal work/blog-

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