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21 Feb

The Proof: Helen Wojcik

It’s a bird! It’s a plane! No, it’s Helen Wojcik, a one woman artist, yogi, wandering traveller, surfer, forest fire fighter, badass snowboarder and amazing friend superwoman. This little lady does it all and still finds the time to share her infectious laugh with friends over a glass of wine. Helen recently put on her first solo art show in Seattle, while learning web design and creating her own website. How she managed to do it all in one month, and still found the time to ride pow and go on cold winter surf camping trips (Brrrrrrr) still amazes me. I’m fairly certain she doesn’t sleep. Superwoman doesn’t have time for sleep, she’s teaching a yoga class instead! ~Words by, Candice Herbert

The Photos taken by, Leah Martin

01 My chalk board. It reminds me to keep my shit together.

02 Coffee: I can’t function without it. I like to start my days with a big mug.

03 Paint brushes and paints. That’s how it all happens.

04 I love going up the mountain with friends to kick some frozen sticks and grab the occasional Coffee Baileys. It’s one of the many ways I take a break so I can recharge before heading back to the canvas.

05 I get a lot of ideas and inspiration while working on the fire line…and I usually make a few extra cuts when I’m running the saw for future art projects. The last set of coasters I made originally came from an Aspen in Northern Alberta.

06 I love the Ocean more than anything and try to get away for a surf as often as possible. It is a huge source of my happiness, my balance, my soul and inspiration. In the water, I find my refuge.

07 Driving in my truck. This happens everyday. I like to listen to my Sirius Radio while on on my way to where ever I need to go.

08 My Drafting table. I love this table. This is where it all happens.

The Questions 

What neighborhood do you live in?
I’ve been in Whistler for 10 years now. I have lived in many different neighborhoods including Pemberton for a few years. I currently live in Emerald, close to the water, right where I belong. In the water, I find refuge.

What do you do and where? 
You can find me serving coffee and delicious food several times a week at the Cracked Pepper Cafe in Function. I teach yoga 8:00-9:00am Saturday mornings at Lululemon Whistler. It’s a short class, I know…but I promise to make your core stronger.  I hang out most days at one point or another by my drafting table painting and creating. During the summers: where ever there’s a forest on fire, that’s where I’ll be.

What are you working on?
I am currently working on some new pieces for the State of the Art exhibit which will be during the TELUS World Ski and Snowboard Festival. I have a top secret project on the go as well as a private commission. Shhhhhhhhhhh. Keep it on the DL please. And I spend countless hours working on my website and learning how to evolve my art with Photoshop and Illustrator. It’s is a hard learning process that frustrates me beyond belief, but I am excited to be learning new skills!

Where can we find your work?
On the feature artist wall with Surf inspired canvases at One Earth in Pemberton. On display until the end of the month(Feb 29th). I have the entire wall at Mount Currie Coffee Co until the end of March, also in Pemberton. As I stated above, I’ll be showing at the TWSSF State of the Art Exhibit in April. Extremely excited to be invited back as this event is incredible and more fun than a barrel of monkeys! You can check out my art on or my Facebook art page Hk Designs, Artworks Helen Wojcik. And hopefully you’ll find my art on a pair of skis and or a snowboard in the next year or two!

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