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10 Feb

The Proof: Jennifer Zizman

Jennifer Zizman is a dynamic artist and creative individual who calls Whistler her home.  She chose one of the world’s most inspirational locations to satisfy her creative ambitions and fulfill her desire to live life passionately.  Jennifer paints colorful and energetic landscapes depicted through all the seasons, as well as bold flowers and abstracts.  Snow is a favorite subject- but she always paints it with tons of color.  A strong passion for creation comes from Jennifer’s desire to constantly find what is beautiful and energizing in her surroundings, and she portrays this through her unique painting style.  She has lived and travelled internationally, gathering rich experiences that have served to expand her creativity.  When Jennifer takes a break from her studio and teaching art workshops, she enjoys snowboarding, mountain biking, practicing yoga and intently seeking out inspiration from life each day.  Her greatest inspiration is her two young children.  Jennifer graduated from the University of Victoria with a Fine Arts degree and works as a full time professional artist in Whistler.

The Questions

What neighborhood do you live in?
I live in Nordic.

What do you do and where?
I do lots!  In Whistler it’s often hard to decide what to do because there is so much to chose from. My typical day I wake up early, get my children to school, then I do something energizing, like go to yoga at yyoga, jog one of the trails (I like running around Alta Lk), or I head up the mountain for a few runs.  Then into my studio for the rest of the day. Paint, paint, paint.

What are you working on?
Right now I’m focused on all the beautiful winter scenes around me.  Once it’s spring I’ll switch to flowers, in the fall I get more into abstracts, then back to snow and winter.  My painting is very connected to the energy of the season.  I’m presently getting some paintings ready to submit to the State of Art show here in Whistler and preparing to teach some art workshops this spring.

Where can we find your work?
My website and facebook page are constantly updated with new work and show dates.  My website is:
Find me on facebook at:
I’m regularly in art shows around Whistler and Vancouver. My website contains information on galleries that show my work.

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