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5 Sep

The Proof: KUPS

My name is Kris Kupskay (KUPS for short) and I’m still pretty new to living in Whistler. I decided to make Whistler home just over a year ago to pursue a life closer to the mountains. I also decided to quit my day job and become a full time artist. Every day’s a hustle but I‘m up for it. Mediums of choice include Spray Paint and Acrylic (with airbrush and oils close behind).  As long as painting stays fun and I remember to stop and smell the plumerias every once in a while, everything will be just fine.


The Photos:

01 Favourite Piece to date (Pineapples deliver the message best).
02 Kitchen Drawer (in case the Zombies show up and I have to regulate)
03 Paint Stash (Don’t touch my drum set).
04 Recent Mural @ Bounce in Function.
05 Wanderlust event that I recently did some artwork for (photo by Ali Kaukas).
06 My Path of Inspiration (Hawaii is AMAZING).
07 Sketch for the PRIOR top-sheet comp.
08 My Desk.

What neighborhood do you live in?
I’m currently living in BAYSHORES but by the time you read this I’ll be within walking distance from the Alpine Café.

What do you do and where?
I Paint my Feelings – wherever I can. I’d like to do laps around the world leaving little paint gifts behind.  How’s that for being a dreamer (maybe I should start buying lottery tickets).  I paint canvases, walls (indoor/outdoor), parks, business and storefronts, under things, over things (whatever paint dries on really).

What are you working on?

Up next, I’m working on a 15ft by 30ft west coast, animal and nature, surf-style inspired mural for PRIOR snowboards and prepping for a demonstration for MICROSOFT mid month (September).

Where can we find your work?

  • Plush Floral Studios (Burnaby, BC)
  • THIRD Gallery (Vancouver, BC)
  • Lululemon Athletica (Whistler, W4th, Victoria)
  • Port Moody Skate Park
  • Whistler Skate Park
  • Bounce (Whistler, BC)
  • Skate Cave (Whistler, BC)
  • Greg Moore Rec Center (Maple Ridge)
  • Maple Ridge Auto Wreckers (Maple Ridge)
  • Bosley’s Pet Store (Maple Ridge)
  • Millenium Place (Whistler, BC)
  • Contemorary Masters Gallery (Lahiana, Maui)

…to name some spots…ONLINE…

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