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6 Jun

The Proof: Lauren Ritz

Lauren has made Whistler her home for the past eight years. She originally comes from Winnipeg where she began painting on trains by default of graffiti artist roommates. “I liked the idea behind graffiti art although I was never a writer in the traditional sense, but the idea that you were releasing your art into the world was very liberating for me. It was never about the territory marking trend of tagging, but rather about enriching our world with colourful art.” Today Lauren combines the mediums of enamel spray and acrylic to accommodate the smaller surface area of canvas. Her inspiration is derived from the beauty of nature with the combination of our ever evolving culture. Her style ranges from one extreme of dark and mysterious, to natural and urban settings, to the fantastical. Lauren’s work can always be found in Evolution Bike Snowboard Shop in the main Whistler Village, and also on her website at

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The Photos

01 this is me at evolution

02 this is seventh heaven

03 this is some little girl in the best outfit ever

04 this is my outdoor studio

05 this is whistler village in the evening

06 this is a fish, hi mr. fish!

07 this is my brother getting iced on his birthday… by me

08 this is my latest work

The Questions

What neighborhood do you live in?

White Gold

What do you do and where?

I am the Sales and Marketing Manager at Evolution, Assistant Coordinator at Bass Coast, Server at GLC, and independent Artist… at me

What are you working on?

Some canvases for Chromag, some tail gate pads for Evolution, and some new canvas work which will be up for Artwalk at Evolution for July and August.

Where can we find your work?

Evolution, and currently in Gone Bakery as well.



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