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26 Mar

The Proof: Olivier Roy

Olivier moved from Montreal to Whistler in 1992, after getting a degree in fine art.  Since then he has been pursuing the dual life of a professional snowboarder and an artist.  In recent years Olivier has been focusing on larger canvases, doing live painting events and also painting large-scale murals in Montreal with the Mu organization.

In his personal work, he is inspired by the dramatic West Coast scenery and active lifestyle he leads.  Olivier enjoys exploring different subject matters and painting techniques with every new piece. He has been part of numerous galleries and group shows including his first solo exhibit in 2009 at Le Centre in Vancouver and, in 2011, a major group show with the En Masse collective at the Montreal Museum of Fine Art.

Currently, he spends his time between Montreal and Whistler working as a snowboard coach, freelance artist/graphic designer, muralist and set painter on major circus, theatre and motion picture productions.



The Photos

01  My best friends. I love listening every day to music or audio books when I walk to the village.
02  The backyard with Kawana. My roommate’s dog. You can see the shortcut to the highway. The village is right there.
03  The little path I take every day to the village.
04  Another part of the morning commute.
05  The groms from WVSC. My little buddies I shred with on the weekends.
06  Painting live with my BFF Vanessa.
07  This one is at the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts. With the En Masse artist group I covered the wall of an exhibit hall with a temporary mural. I have been     doing many events with them.
08  I do lots of work in Photoshop and love it. I’m working on a sticker design right now.


The Questions

What neighborhood do you live in?
I live in Whistler Cay Heights at the moment. I will also be in Montreal for a good part of the year.
What do you do and where?

I dabble in a lot of things.  During the winter I spend a lot of time coaching snowboarding for Whistler Valley Snowboard Club and Core Camp.  Throughout the year I paint for fun, I do graphic design and illustration contracts as well as live painting events.  I spend a lot of time in Montreal where I have been a painting mercenary; working in teams on large murals and on movie sets.
What are you working on?
Beside coaching, I am doing small projects right now. Show posters, stickers and working on a painting for a show during the WSSF.
Where can we find your work?
There are a few posters floating around and I did the cover for the pique a few weeks ago.  I just did a new logo for Maxx Fish and La Bocca.  One of the coolest things though is the Prior boards I have designed in recent years.  I see one almost every day.

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