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25 Sep

The Proof: Paul Porter

My name is Paul Porter.  I am English and have lived in Whistler for 5 years now.  I work for the Four Seasons Resort Whistler as a doorman.  I am a photographer.  In 2003/04 I traveled Australia and it was here that I really found my passion for photography.  I met Peter Lik, who is a renowned international photographer, in his Cairns and Port Douglas galleries.  I studied his pictures and thought “I want to do that” and so my adventure into photography started.  It was on and off for a few years, but being in Whistler kick started it all again.  After receiving a digital SLR as a gift (thanks Rich) I really started to delve more into the subject.
I have an honours degree in Adventure Tourism, coupling this with my passion for photography, finds me trying to capture an image that is slightly different from regular photographs.  At this moment, I cannot be pigeon holed.  I do not have a particular subject that is my main focus.  I like to capture and share anything that can be of interest.  Landscapes would be my priority, but action sports, animals and portraits can also be found in my portfolio.
My website steps into my world, and the way I see it.

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The Photos
01  Self portrait.
02  One of my most popular pictures to date.  This was also one of the first pictures that I sold.
03  Last year, I had an unfortunate accident which ruined my knee and so I had a bad season … lets hope this season is better.  This picture featured on the original ”#Whistlerunfiltered” internet commercial.
04  I was asked for a view from work, well this isn’t bad at all.  I am fortunate enough to look at the mountains everyday.
05  My car, a 1991 Volkswagen Golf GTI – The best way to get around (except logging roads).  I love the classic lines.  I owned one in the UK before coming out to Canada.
06  My Vancity from the banks picture, just came Runner Up in the (large printing company in New York) Landscape competition.
07  Me and my first display – Check it out at the Hi Hostel in Cheakemus.
08  Framed Blacktusk and Dandelion Clock 11×14 prints.  These were donated to the Four Seasons Whistler and Vancouver Terry Fox run, for raffle prizes.

The Questions

What neighbourhood do you live in?
Right in the village, no buses or taxi’s required and 5 minutes walk to the hill.

What are you working on?
How long have you got …. I am actually very busy at the moment.  I am preparing for Bizaar Bazaar, a display for The Fitz for the winter season and multiple other displays.  I have recently completed a bike park shoot so will have some action packed images coming up.  I also have a backlog from my Sunshine Coast trip, Ironman and other things that caught my eye.  I am off home to the UK in October so rest assured there will be plenty more images from that trip too.  For those that know me, know that I cannot sit still for 5 minutes, so this is perfect for me.

Where can we find you work?, @pauliespics on instagram, @pkpphoto on twitter, the Hi Hostel in Cheakemus, The Four Seasons Resort Whistler, Whistler Arts Council and a variety of other places.

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