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20 Dec

The Proof: Ryan Nadeau

I am a mountain man. Born here in Whistler, I have a natural passion for the mountains that runs to my core. I spend much of my time and energy playing or exploring in the mountains of BC both in the summer and the winter. Part of this passion is an appreciation of nature and living things. This appreciation shows in the art and photography I do, which predominantly features epic mountain landscapes or rich forest scenes. I am also a big mountain and backcountry skier. I do a lot of snowmobile access touring and mountaineering, and a lot of my photography features professional and semi professional athletes getting rad in cool places. I am a professional builder, I do graphic design and web development, I do photography and digital art, and I am an extreme athlete. You can follow my artwork @ You can follow my adventures on my youtube channel:


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The Photos

01  Current work @ office – Screenshot. Beginning to develop timetable for project marketing and launch in MS project with excel budget on second screen.

02  Breakfast. Custom super healthy awesome smoothy!!!! And large coffee.

03   Recent activity, hauling 160lbs of deer meat out of the Bralorne BC backcountry in a 15 hour mission. Freezer fully stocked for the winter!

04  Communing with Nature, Goose kisses. Rescued a baby Canada Goose that was abandoned by its mother in Lillooet lake. It now lives at an animal sanctuary with other ducks and Geese.

05  Exploring the backcountry with some of my buddies. Rutherford Glacier Ice cave.

06  Repelling into a chute on Mt. Currie with the Renegade Heli Club.

07  Launching my speed flying rig for some high speed mountain cruising.

08  Me, my old sled, and my camera gear. Rutherford Glacier area.


The Questions

Where do you live?

I Live in the Rainbow development on Crazy Canuck Dr. “I got to help name that street. =D”

What do you do and where?

I am a Project Manager at Innovation Building Group, where I build custom homes and multi family developments.

What are you working on?

I am working on a Condo Project that will launch this winter. I am currently creating the marketing and sales plan, along with the website and print media.

Where can we find your work?

You can find my art work on the wall at: Moguls in the Whistler Village, Lift Coffee Co @ Nesters Market, and The Alpine Café in Alpine. You can also find my art and photography on You can see homes that I have built all over the Rainbow Neighborhood and the Whistler Valley, along with at


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