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13 Mar

The Proof: Samera Gibson

Samera Gibson is a local artist, BC native living mostly in Squamish.  Pretty much stoked to just make art, Sam draws all her inspiration mostly from her travels and exploring nature in all its diversity.  Her career as an artist has explored dance, theater production, classical piano, welding, printmaking and puppetry.  Explorations into creativity have fuelled her expression as a painter.  Samera cultivates imagery which celebrates mystery and the complexity of human nature and not, with emotion, rich color, thick texture in acrylic and mixed media.


The Photos
01 Painting at night at my studio in White Rock Beach.
02 I was born and raised on the beach so I always love visiting home.
03 My chill spot.  Down by the River.
04 Recently travelling to Arizona.  A shot of the desert at Dusk.
05 Writing in my sketchbook.
06 View from my current studio.
07 In the studio with my sister Bonny, fellow painter.  We hope to craft a line of skateboard decks using our art and building them from scratch – photo credit JamJam


The Questions

What neighborhood do you live in?
I live in a few different neighborhoods.  Squamish mostly, White Rock Beach and abroad.

What do you do and where?
When I’m not out, I love creating, writing, reading, playing the piano and painting.  I like moving around, between places, I guess because I love being in the mountains and being beside the ocean as much as I love the desert and the southern climate.

What are you working on?
 I’m working on a few projects.  I’m currently painting a series of paintings called ‘ Thirty Something’.  There’s over 30 pieces – from a large tryptych to really small paintings.  I began to rip and cut up paintings, throw the paint onto the canvas but also be more gentle, more fluid, adding detail and softer colors.  I realized I wanted to upset any standardized human experience by abstracting memories and dreams, landscapes, wildlife and birds and deeply happy exploring.  It’s been really fun working with recycled materials like wood, glass, metal and chain to showcase these paintings.
The second project is a group of paintings on a larger scale to be completed by 2014.  I hope to travel with the show to exhibit in the Sea to Sky as well as the lower mainland.

Where can we find your work?
You can find my paintings at and SameraGibsonArtFacebook or come visit the studio in person or paintings on display at Earthly Crystals and Gifts Inc. located at Britannia Beach before Squamish.

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