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18 Sep

The Proof: Wim Tewinkel

Wim Tewinkel was born in the Netherlands and moved to Canada more than 40 years ago. He has traveled all over the world and lived extended periods of time on 4 different continents. Most of his work has been as a professional forester. In 1984 he moved to the Poole Creek area between Pemberton and D’Arcy, built a house and started working as a consulting forester, working with the First Nations in the Pemberton and Lillooet area. After 1998 he directed his attention to arts rather then to trees and established the “Mute Raven Studio”. He is a photographer, painter and makes feather collages. He has published two photo books, one called Salish Elders, portraits of Elders of the nearby First Nations’ communities, published by Caitlyn Press Ltd. and the other, called Forest Life, about small-scale forestry in British Columbia. The latter was commissioned by the Federation of BC Woodlot Associations.

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The Photos
01 Our dog – Butterscotch – as a puppy.

02 Golden Eagle – acrylic painting (36” x 48”). In the late fall and early winter we have dozens of eagles flying around our property feeding on the salmon in Poole Creek and the Birkenhead river.

03 In 2008 I got a commission to make a photo book about small-scale forestry in British Columbia. This picture of a lynx is from the book.

04 I have practiced karate and kobudo (ancient Okinawan martial art using farm implements) for more than 30 years. In this picture I am using two sai.

05 Teaching karate has taken me to many different places in the world. Here I am with the Sri Lankan National Karate team.

06 Sometimes a simple photograph becomes interesting. This one is called – Reflection.

07 Climate Change – acrylic painting (36” x36”). Every now and then I get inspired to make a painting addressing a specific environmental issue. This one is about climate change.

08 I find orchids fascinating and have dozens of them. I often display paintings and photographs using old wooden windows.

The Questions
What neighbourhood do you live in?
I live between Mount Currie and D’Arcy about 25 kilometres north of Pemberton.

What do you do and where?
Practically all of my art work, be it photography or painting is inspired by and based on the natural environment that I live in.

What are you working on?
Recently I started painting in “plein-air”. Working outside with acrylics one has to work fast since acrylics dry so quickly.

In photography I started adding to the “Photo book of Proverb” series.

Where can we find you work?
My work is displayed at The Mute Raven Studio (Mount Currie), One Earth Gallery (Pemberton), Gallop Gallery (Pemberton), White Dog Whistler Studio and Gallery (Whistler), Centennial Café (Pemberton), Whistler Library (until October 31, 2013) and at the Pemberton Community Centre.



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