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18 Nov

The Second Edition of Taste MTL: a Sucess Story!

The second edition of TASTE MTL has just ended. Montrealers and visitors alike welcomed this most delicious of food festivals with unbridled enthusiasm and a great appetite. Most of the 128 participating restaurants were booked days ahead and the excitement could be felt via all social media channels just as soon as TASTE MTL took off on November 1. The avalanche of enticing photos from diners and restaurants alike was enough to whet any onlooker’s appetite and create an ongoing buzz that didn’t let up for the 10 days the festival lasted…

I am sure that all of us who partook in the 10-day whirlwind of gourmand events and delicious dining experiences are still recovering from all that excitement. Our pants might feel a tad tighter these days but in the end, it was all worth it. What TASTE MTL represents for me is a great opportunity to revisit some loved restaurants and/or discover some new ones. This year I opted for 4 restaurants, all of which are more or less high-end establishments. It was the perfect opportunity to enjoy a three-course meal at these expensive spots for a much more affordable price.

Taste MTL La Chronique

La Chronique: The always-classy French restaurant is one of my favourites in Montreal. If you are a foie gras lover, then this is the place to eat. Their 3-course TASTEMTL menu did not disappoint and was just as delicious as ever, so was the courteous service.

Taste MTL le Toqu

Toqué!: The classic quintessential Montreal high-end restaurant is always impeccable and this time was no exception. My dining companion and I tasted the entire menu à deux and had a hard time picking a favourite among all the wonderful creations.

Taste MTL contemporain

Le Contemporain: It was my first time at this modern restaurant located inside the Montreal Museum of Contemporary Arts, and what a happy surprise it was! The plates are absolute works of art, perhaps inspired by the restaurant’s location and surroundings. And although the service was a bit harried, the food was delicious enough to make me want to repeat the experience soon.

Taste MTL Raza

Raza: Dinner at Raza was a bittersweet experience this time around. TASTEMTL’s last evening also coincided with Raza’s last service, a memorable night big on emotions and exquisite ceviche, one of the many dishes I will certainly miss. Although fret not for I am sure we haven’t seen the last of chef Mario Navarrete Jr. whose ambitious ideas are always a welcome surprise.

Which restaurants did you try this year?

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