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11 Mar

The "V" Words: Whistler’s Veggie Cuisine

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Posted by: Feet Banks

Rad Dishes

Guest Blogger: Taylor Godber

“Do you have any vegetarian or vegan options?”

In the old days those “V” words were often muttered under your breath as you peered over the menu in search of an entrée that didn’t used to have a face. Vegetarians and Vegans lived in fear of being judged or ridiculed, or worse, served a plate of flavourless lettuce and rice. Wait… scratch the rice, it’s cooked in chicken broth. At least the wine might be safe.

Well times have changed, and meatless and animal-free options are as common on Whistler menus as goggle tans on a bluebird spring day. Whistler’s love for the outdoors and welcoming nature made us an early adopter of the “V” words and these days, with the organic and locavore food movements surging, veggie options are here to stay.

So enjoy this list of a few Insider favourites. Best of all is that these vegan and veggie dishes contain more than just green, leafy things (and they’re much healthier than the wine-only diet.) All the “V” dishes listed are full of flavour, made from scratch and totally animal free. Whether you’re into hugging trees and living in a van or just want to try something tasty, healthy and new here are some of Whistler’s top vegan and vegetarian options.


Menu Item: Healthy Hash
From Where: Elements Urban Tapas (102B-4359 Main Street, Whistler Village)
What Makes it Awesome: It’s a big bowl of health. Roasted veggies topped with free-range eggs poached to perfection. This meal gives the belly a nice warm hug and fuels your body for the day.
*vegan // no eggs


Menu Item: Rosé Fettucine
From Where: Pasta Lupino (121-4368 Main Street, Whistler Village)
What Makes it Awesome: Fresh-made pasta paired with your choice or tomato basil or alfredo sauce (both made from scratch). Or mix the two sauces for a perfect rosé. Served with warm freshly baked bread and paired with a homemade soup or salad. Pasta Lupino offers some of Whistler’s least expensive gourmet meals.
*vegan // opt for the tomato sauce

Deli-style lunch

Menu Item: Falafel Wrap
From Where: Ingrid’s Café, Whistler Village Stroll
What Makes it Awesome: Ingird’s is a quaint, tucked away gem that has been serving Whistler homemade goodies for over 20 years. This made-to-order deli style wrap with zesty tzatsiki sauce is so loaded with fresh veggies that it could be potentially used as a small dumbbell to improve bicep strength.

LEFT: Araxi Staff prepare for the Long Table Event. RIGHT: Caesar’s count as “Veggie”, right? (Editor’s note: No, they have clamato juice.)


Menu Item: The Passion Plate
From Where: The Green Moustache (Whistler Marketplace)
What Makes it Awesome: An abundance of raw veggies, sprouts, nuts, and homemade dressing to tie it all together. This salad supports the testament that “nothing tastes as good as healthy feels”.


Menu Item: Spicy Lentil Burger
From Where: Splitz Grill (4369 Main Street, Whistler Village)
What Makes it Awesome: With a whopping selection of condiments and toppings your already flavorful patty can be customized to perfection. Splitz wins Whistler’s Best Burger every year.


Menu Item: Vegan Pizza with the No Boundaries Organic Local Veggies add-on
From Where: Creekbread (2021 Karen Crescent, Whistler Creekside)
What makes it Awesome: An organic flatbread pizza crust topped with a plethora of vegetables (local ingredients whenever possible), fresh herbs, olive oil, and cooked in an all-natural wood-fired clay oven. Creekbread is a true locals’ joint that holds frequent benefit nights for Whistler non-profits. Cool.


Menu Item: Tofu Pad Thai
From Where: Thai in the Village (Mountain Square, Whistler Village)
What Makes it Awesome: Authentic Thai aromas and flavors mixed into a generous helping of tradational pad thai. A taste of the tropics while enjoying the mountains.


Menu Item: Veggie Delight Roll
From Where: Sushi Village (Mountain Square, Whistler)
What Makes it Awesome: Tempura-battered veggies and fresh veggies mixed and wrapped together in light soy sheet. Bite size, light, fun, and delicious. Vegan sushi, need I say more?


Healthy Fast Food. Whistler’s Juice Bars

Raw, Live, Organic, Vegan, Local, Healthy, Vegetarian, Antioxidant, Immune Boosting…now available in Whistler!

A town that boasts a youthful population that’s all about outdoor living, exercise, yoga, organics and buying locally now has two new health-conscious café/juice bars to choose from. Whether it’s a quick snack, a healthy meal or a hangover cure in a cup Whistler’s Green Moustache and Naked Sprout have got you covered.

Naked Sprout

Owner Shandy Rae is a longtime Whistler local who has just opened a juice, smoothie and salad bar in Whistler Village. “I’m focused on providing the freshest organic and local living juices. No need to chop or shop, we make it easy and will do anything for our customers. Ask about our Juice Cleanses.”

Located in Village Common (across from Earls) 10AM-5PM Daily. 1-778-995-2334

Green Moustache

Nicolette and Pierre Richer were inspired by their three children to always make organic, healthy and tasty snacks and meals for their family and friends. Now anyone can get in on that action.
“Organic and local, delicious but nutritious—these are our priorities.”

Located in Whistler Marketplace (beside the IGA) 9AM-5PM Daily. 1-604-962-3727

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