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14 Feb

This Week’s Featured Vancouverites: Anna Temple Rees and James Rees

Anna: Maple Ridge, BC
James: Kingscliff, NSW, Australia
Married on July 3, 2010 on Galiano Island, BC

How long have you been Vancouverites?
Anna: I’ve been living here since 1991 when I moved out from Maple Ridge to attend UBC. I lived in Thailand and Australia for about 5 years, but always felt that pull back to the mountains, ocean and forests. Having said that, I feel lucky to be married to an Aussie for that geographic option!

James: I came in February 2007 to visit and never left. I just received my permanent residency in November. I do miss the weather in Australia (especially this time of year), but there’s a lot to love here in Vancouver.

We’re both Orton-Gillingham therapeutic tutors, working one on one with kids with dyslexia and other language based learning difficulties at Fraser Academy in Kitsilano. It’s a great job – incredibly rewarding and fun – and great holidays too. We also get to walk to and from work together every day. Not having to commute is one of the best things about living and working where we do.

Favorite artist:
James Picard, who is not only a brilliant artist, who can work in any medium and format and be amazing, but a fantastic teacher, and overall outstanding human being. We’ve both been going to his painting classes for years and hope he never leaves town for bigger and better things!

Favorite place in the city:
West/East canyon trails in Pacific Spirit Park, where we often walk our dog, Barnaby. It’s a tranquil forest oasis, beautiful year-round, and there are many lovely paths to take. When people think of Pacific Spirit Park, they often think of the trails closer to 16th and UBC, so these aren’t as crowded. Catching glimpses of the ocean as you walk and then being able to head down to Spanish banks is nice too. Having said that, don’t come.

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