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9 Jul

Travel across Canada in less than an hour – FlyOver Canada comes to Vancouver

Flyover CanadaWhat happens when you utilize the talents of Canada’s best ski/snowboard film makers, plop the audience into tilting seats and mimic a 7,500 kilometre helicopter trip? A experience of sensory overload: also known as FlyOver Canada.

Filmed by lauded ski/snowboard maestros Sherpa Cinemas, Vancouver’s newest 4-D attraction flies visitors across Canada in an experience not to forget. Opening on June 29, in the old Imax theatre space at Canada Place, FlyOver Canada is one of Vancouver’s must-see, feel, smell and touch activities.

Four dimensional theatre is nothing new to Vancouver – the Vancouver Aquarium has hosted a couple of different 4-D shows in the last few years. What makes Fly Over Canada so unique is that it contains three parts in three different rooms.

First there’s a pre-show short made by The Moment Factory complete with Canucks-jerseyed, kids’ street hockey and an ascent of the Stawamus Chief. The crowd is then ushered along to a brief, but comedic safety presentation. The main event is a wild, if not interactive, film experience that mimics a helicopter ride over mountains, glaciers, vineyards and more. All this from a helicopter’s point of view – minus the vertigo and tummy-turning turbulence of a real life heli-trip.

The FlyOver Canada encounter offers participants glimpses of a typical day in the life of average Canadians and snippets of scenery from eastern Canada to west. FlyOver Canada literally immerses you in the sights, sounds and smells of our country.  

Without giving too much away, let’s just say that one minute you’re in a whitewater filled canyon surrounded by evergreens and then buzzing over a galloping herd of horses and freshly harvest prairie grasses the next. FlyOver Canada is an olfactory, visual and tactile journey ‘a mari usque ad mare’ (from sea to sea).

And you don’t even need to worry about luggage restrictions or pesky heli-headphones. 

Have you gone to Fly Over Canada yet? What was your favourite part – share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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