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24 Nov

Try snout-to-tail dining at Refuel’s Whole Hog Dinner Nov. 30

Refuel Restaurant Bar is hosting a Whole Hog Dinner Wednesday, Nov. 30. The annual event is designed to connect diners with their food source and ultimately prove offal is not awful.

Adventurous carnivores and omnivores can purchase tickets ($59 each) on Eventbrite. This year’s dinner features Asian inspired dishes using under-appreciated cuts like snout, ears and brain along with tender, slow-roasted pork. Check out Refuel Chef Jane Cornborough’s Whole Hog Dinner menu after the jump and find out why it’s better to eat the entire piggy.

Why eat the whole hog:

Snout-to-tail feasts are currently all the rage across North America, championed by a fresh generation of pork-happy, young chefs. After the bacon and charcuterie food trend frenzy, only offal was left. Vancouver’s Refuel is well ahead of the curve with this annual event.

The rationale behind eating the whole hog is simple and compelling. If you’re going to kill an animal, why throw away half of it? In a time when food philosophy is about local, sustainable ingredients, it makes sense that chefs don’t want to waste a a single edible bit.

So forget boneless chicken breasts and gristle-free chops. Leave squeamishness at the door. Historically, we ate offal, marrow, brains etc. because they contain precious resources like fat-soluble vitamins, minerals and other compounds not found in the meat from the muscles. Many also consider them delicious.

The Whole Hog Dinner menu

Shredded Pork Pancakes
Sweet Sour Pork
Pig Snout Fried Rice
Fried Pork Hocks
Offal Deep Fried Tofu
Pigs Ear Offal Head Cheese
Pickled Brain Mizuna Salad
Whole Roasted Pig
Asian Pear Streudel with Blood Chocolate Ice Cream

The Whole Hog Dinner takes place Wednesday, Nov. 30 at Refuel. There are three seatings available at 6:00 p.m., 8:30 p.m., 11:00 p.m. Get tickets on Eventbrite for $59.


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