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3 Aug

Two Acre Shaker

Pemberton. Gates open at Noon. Mt. Currie Rodeo Grounds, 427 Lillooet Lake Road, Pemberton, BC (13KM north of Pemberton on Highway 99) Get all the details on the website at

From 2008 – 2011, The Shaker was held amidst the magical confines of Old Kirk Becker’s Farm, and showcased the incredible talents of Smalltown DJs, Oka, The Funk Hunters, Topless Gay Love Tekno Party, Jon and Roy, Vinyl Ritchie, Erica Dee and Honey LaRochelle, Sweet Soul Burlesque, The Root Sellers, The Librarian, and more. Word of this wonderous party spectacular soon spread, and with each passing year increasing numbers of Shakerers were drawn in to dance the day and night away under the shimmering glimmer of a massive hand-built mirrorball.Shaker1

There was Action.

There was Drama.

There was Love.

And there were Llamas.

In 2012, the tale of the Two Acre Shaker continues, with shift in venue to the historic Mt. Currie Rodeo Grounds – a stunning new location just outside of Pemberton that allows for continued creative and artistic growth, while preserving the intimate festival experience that the Shaker has become known for.

On Saturday, August 18th, 2012, join us for the next chapter of Shakerdom, and let the the gloriously good times continue……

Make’r, Give’r, Shake’r.



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