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4 Jun

Vancouver Draw Down – June 9, 2012

Drawing at the Vancouver Draw Down. Photo: Melissa Baker / Vancouver Draw Down

Think you can’t draw? Think again!

That’s the tagline for the annual Vancouver Draw Down, a city-wide event that aims to change your mind about drawing—if you can make a mark, you can draw!—while challenging all Vancouverites to get in touch with their artistic, creative side.

The unique Vancouver Draw Down event brings together 18 different arts and cultural organizations across Vancouver for one day of drawing: the 18 venues—community centres, museums and art galleries—will host 27 free, hands-on drawing workshops on the same day. The workshops are open to all ages and cover a range of artistic expressions, from murals to pinprick drawing, doodling, sketching, still life, font creation, and more. The workshops are open-ended so you can come and go as you please and move to different events around the city, no registration required!

Venues for the 2012 Vancouver Draw Down include UBC’s Museum of Anthropology, Emily Carr University and the Vancouver Art Gallery; though the drawing workshops are free, you will have to pay admission to the museums and galleries. Completely free venues include the community centres at The Roundhouse, Trout Lake, Thunderbird, Champlain Heights, Renfrew, and Sunset.

Complete List of Vancouver Draw Down 2012 Events Venues

Remember: No skill level is required! All workshops are taught by professional artists who will emphasize the pleasure of the process over technical ability, which makes this event perfect for everyone.

The Vancouver Draw Down 2012 happens Saturday, June 9. Have fun!

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