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20 Feb


TAG: Amped-Up Adventure

Posted by: Feet Banks

Why just carve Whistler’s deep, perfect powder when you can schmear it?

Why lose speed sinking an edge into bottomless snow when you can drift through turns like a speedboat over water?

Your average skier may never ask themselves questions like these, but Whistler local Sheldon Steckman did. Then he went into the garage and designed and built the world’s first omnidirectional powder ski – full rocker, full reverse sidecut, and with a convex base (kind of like the bottom of a tablespoon).

Garywayne Skis are super fat and kinda funny looking, but they offer a powder skiing experience unlike any other. The Insider was lucky enough to be invited on a ride-along to experience the innovation and “pow-schmearing” action first-hand as a full snowcat of Garywayne skiers ripped another January storm day at Whistler’s Powder Mountain Catskiing.

The Garywaynes prove the value of thinking outside the box because with great powder comes great responsibility…to rip harder and better than ever before.

Garywayne ripsBailey Mitchell rips the Whistler backcountry on his onmindirectional Garywayne skis.”

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