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20 Jul

Wanderlust Whistler

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The key to life is diversity (at least according to Charles Darwin) and while Whistler is best known as an adrenaline-fueled mountain sports destination it’s also a great place to slow down and reconnect to the calmer side of life.

This is never more apparent than when Wanderlust wanders into town for four jam-packed days of yoga, meditation, music, arts, workshops, food and healthy living. Set for August 1-4, 2013, the second annual Wanderlust Whistler will see some of the world’s top yoga instructors converging in Whistler to soak in our natural beauty and spread the love.


“Last year I loved it,” says local yoga instructor Crystal Jennings. “I was beaming… had the time of my life. It’s such a great opportunity to learn from a variety of teachers and there’s something to be said about so many like-minded people gathering together in one place and mindset.”

And what an incredible spot to gather – the natural beauty of Whistler is as much a star of Wanderlust as the celebrity teachers and musicians in attendance. “There are so many great places to get off the beaten trail here and practice,” Crystal says. “And everyone feels grateful to be in such a beautiful place. Yoga is about coming back to union with the self and really, we are all made up of natural elements so practicing outdoors, you are already that much more in tune.”


There’s much more to Wanderlust Whistler than just yoga however. Keeping things fresh and diverse the international festival also includes music stars like Moby, jazz-soul master Trombone Shorty, and many more. Organizers have also planned numerous culinary events, hikes and outdoor activities to showcase Whistlers lakes, forests and pure mountain vibes.

“It’s such a beautiful way to show off our home and to put ourselves back into a natural setting,” says Crystal. “We’re meant to be a part of nature. I mean, really we’re all just animals right?”


For an Insider’s look at what’s hot this year at Wanderlust Whistler Crystal, a fourth-generation yoga practitioner, has been kind enough to list a few of the teachers and events she is most excited about.

1. Seane Corne.

“Last year her outdoor class with Michael Franti was one of my top five favourite classes of my life. This year she is teaming up with DJ Drez on Saturday August 3rd at 4 PM. It’s going to be amazing.” Details.

2. Rod Stryker

“I am so excited about Rod because he teaches stuff that draws you in and is all internal. He goes into a different side of yoga, a deeper exploration on a more mental level rather than just the asana parts. People should make the effort to go see him for sure.” Details.

3. Shiva Rea

“She’s all about getting you out of your comfort zone and bringing out a different type of energy. She’s a bit wild but you get a very unique experience every time so I am excited about that.” Details.

4. Moby

“Who hasn’t heard of Moby? I play a lot of his music in my classes so it will be really nice to hear him live in our own hometown. He kind of set the standard for contemporary chill music plus he’s doing a DJ set and an acoustic set so that will be cool.” Details

5. MC Yogi

“I love how he uses hip hop music to tell stories about the old gods and goddesses of yoga. He’ll be rapping about Ganesh and it’s like listening to a musical story about the old deities but with a contemporary delivery.” Details

6. Tina James

“For some local flavour I’m excited to see Whistler’s Loka Yoga owner Tina James. She often brings in the First Nations culture and traditions to her classes. The chanting and drums and stuff is similar to traditional yoga but it’s a perspective not as many people have seen. Tina has a fresh approach that’s really powerful.” Details.

Wanderlust Whistler takes place August 1-4, 2013. Get more info and accommodation deals at

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