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31 Jul

Wanderlust Whistler: A Local’s Must-See List

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Posted by: Feet Banks

Guest Blogger: Taylor Godber

Taylor GodberThe author gets into the Wanderlust spirit. ASHLEY BARKER PHOTO

wan·der·lust noun ˈwän-dər-ˌləst : a strong desire to travel.

The innate desire to explore is something that rings true amidst the majority of those who venture to Whistler. It drives us get a little lost, to take chances, to hike to a peak a little further or jump a little higher or log a few more hours in the wild to witness yet another fiery sunset. If you’re in Whistler, you probably have a little wanderlust in you anyhow.

But there’s only one Wanderlust Whistler, when the yogis flock to our beautiful mountain town July 31-August 4, 2014. Yes there will be big groups of people hanging out upside down and chanting in sanskrit. Yes you can count on large wafts of essential oils. And yes there will be some free-spirited confident loudly dressed humans running around. But for those new to yoga (or even a little turned off by it) there is still something here for you. Something that may even sway you into enjoying yourself at a yoga festival.

Mixing up the wander and the lust

Wanderlust 2014 features hikes, stand-up paddle boarding and live concerts alongside the classic yoga classes, workshops, and group meditation. So whatever it is that fuels your soul, gets your blood rushing and inspires that need to explore more— come do that. Then step out of your comfort zone into down-dog, a nature stroll, a downhill mountain bike clinic, a meditative workshop and seize the opportunities to be surrounded by likeminded souls as you wander through Whistler chasing after whatever makes your heart sing.

Where will you wander to and who might you bump into? Here are few Insider suggestions:

Seane Corn

Renowned for her compassionate and powerful involvement both on and off the mat, Seane has an ability to share a practice that moves fluidly with breath while integrating the physical body with paralleled mystical teachings.

Seane’s activism in social and political arenas is equally profound. She created the “Off the Mat, Into the World’ campaign generating an outreach within the yoga and wellness communities. She previously created “Children of the Night,” a shelter that educates and houses adolescent prostitutes in the LA area. Corn is a dedicated activist for YouthAIDS, an organization that gathers funds, provides services and spreads national awareness about the global emergency of HIV/AIDS affecting children. And she always has a new diverse project on the go.

Her fierce willingness to learn and grow, her unique self-expression, inspirational style and her commitment to help others is a journey shared in her presence will propel you into a space of healing and empowerment.
See Seane’s schedule at Wanderlust Whistler or check out her official site.

Winederlust: Wines and Craft Beers of BC

Three words: wine, beer, and alpine sunsets. Elaborating on those soothing terms is unnecessary but when you pair them with the words “local” and “organic” it all adds up to the kind of event that, lets be honest, it would be rude for you to miss. The FireRock Lounge in the Westin Resort and Spa will host a sampling of the best wine and beer that BC has to offer with Friday night designated to beer tasting and Saturday night set aside for the wines. Nothing like some local artisan biodynamic sips after your day on or off the mat. More info

Eoin Finn

Eoin Finn is a wave rider, yogi, visionary writer and blissologist who finds solace in what many Whistler locals and visitors live for: athletics and the outdoors. His teachings are a cauldron of exploration of interconnectivity, grounded humour, physical and energetic alignment, dynamism, and invigorating physical practices.

Eoin says his life mission is, “To stay in touch with the deep vibration of Love so that I can be a conduit for it in all I do in life. I want to inspire people to be continuously lit up by this mysterious but powerful force. One of the best ways is to get out in nature and let its beauty fuel you. Love is the ultimate renewable resource.”

See Eoin’s Wanderlust Whistler schedule or check out his official site.

Wanderlust highlightsLEFT TO RIGHT: Seane Corne, Eoin Finn, Charles Bradley.

Tina James

The director of Loka Yoga right here in Whistler, Tina is a mountain yogi to the core. Her expressive and inspirational style of teaching touches both spiritual and philosophical aspects of the ancient art of yoga. You can expect a strong emphasis on precise alignment, chanting, vigorous flow sequences, movement with breath, grounding humor, an open heart, and powerful intention. Being a part of her unique teachings and dynamic classes delivers a commanding energy that will make you smile leave you feeling empowered and alive. Classes that create shift in perception where magic rises. Something we can always benefit from.

See Tina’s Wanderlust Whistler schedule or check out her official Loka Yoga site.

Running with Niki Jacques

Niki Jacques is a competitive runner, and multi-sport athlete who is hosting 4 trail running sessions for Wanderlust 2014. The “no fluff and just pure work” moto of her fitness studio will be well translated to bring a fun, outdoor cardio twist to the yoga centered festival. Niki is offering one running adventure per day with fitness levels ranging from a 60 min beginner stroll to an advanced 120 min single track uphill mission. If you have the desire to step off the mat and explore the beautiful running trails that Whistler has to offer, accompanied by sweating it out with a trainer who has seen well over 1000 clients in her career, then this is a necessary activity to partake in. Find the run that works for you on Niki’s schedule.

Wanderlust looks like this

Music: Charles Bradley and His Extraordinaires

Wanderlust Whistler features a diverse musical line-up but be sure to check out Charles Bradley and His Extraordinaires. Known for always reliving a gripping performance, Bradley has a sincere and deep appreciation for his audience, “I want them to know how much they have helped me grow,” he says. Transcending a rough life on the streets Bradley’s journey to success continues to drive his performances to a level that will give you goosebumps and soften your heart.

A fearless performer (he’s worked as a James Brown impersonator and covered Ozzy Osbourne!) Charles Bradley’s voice drips with a “soul sound” reminiscent of a bygone era when Motown and Stax Records flooded jukeboxes around the world. Below are a few songs to get lost in before you check out the live show at Whistler Olympic Plaza from 8:30-10 PM on Saturday August 2, 2104.

This is just a tiny slice of the varied feast of amazingness offered at Wanderlust Whistler. Get beyond the rubber mat and check out other events like for more info and accommodations and be sure to check out Whistler’s year-round wellness offerings. Happy Wandering!

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