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18 Feb

What Locals Love The Most About Vancouver

Photo Credit: City of Vancouver

As Valentine’s Day rolls around,
Vancouver residents have been sharing what they love about the city and it’s
not just the mountain views that set people’s hearts racing.

When the City of Vancouver asked residents what their favourite thing about their neighbourhood was, the most common answer was the diversity and multiculturalism that exists, closely followed by the ability to get around on foot.

Locals also expressed their love
for all the independent stores and restaurants in their areas, as well as the
community centres, libraries and parks that provide free resources and services
to residents.

Things that locals told the City
they love about Vancouver included:

The diversity and

The ability to
travel everywhere on foot

The local shops and

The parks and sports

The breathtaking

The libraries

The community libraries

The transit system

All the dogs and the
kind owners who let you pet them

How green the City is

Photo Credit: City of Vancouver

The City also encouraged
residents to complete the sentence ‘You know you’re a Vancouverite when…’ and,
unsurprisingly, a lot of the responses focused on rain. Always packing an
umbrella but then not using it – except in snow – was the most popular answer.

Other defining characteristics of
Vancouverites included:

Watching the sunrise
on a mountain and the sunset from the beach

Saying thank you to
bus drivers

Owning different
rain jackets for different occasions including a formal one and one for
exercising in

You bring your cat
in from the rain only to discover it’s a raccoon

You post images of
blossom and flowers unseasonably early on Instagram to make your east coast
friends jealous

You diligently watch
and recycle anything that can go in the blue bin

You can find out more about
Building a city we love, and create special Valentine’s e-cards, on the City’s

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