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2 Apr

What to expect when you visit Montréal for the first time

For years you’ve heard that Montréal is a cool city. Perhaps someone has described it to you as the love child of Paris and New York. Maybe you had a friend gush about how the city is both exotic and affordable. Or perchance you saw this tweet from Kevin Hart or heard that Kelly Rippa always comes to Montréal for her honeymoon (well she did, until she kept getting pregnant). Whatever the reason, now you’re ready to visit.

However, you’re still wondering what to expect on the ground?

We’re here to help.
Let’s explore some normal reactions to visiting Montréal.

When you finally buy your ticket to Montréal.

When you’re riding the city’s 747 airport express bus into the city.
When you check into your hotel.

When you go for dinner and realize that most everyone in Montréal is able to speak English.
When you start strolling through Old Montréal.

When you see your first Montréal hottie.
When you’re promenading through Parc Mont-Royal (the city’s biggest park).

When you’re having a fine beverage on Crescent Street.

When you taste Montréal poutine.

When you’re dancing at an outdoor festival

When you realize you have to go home again.

When you decide to come back next year.

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