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25 Jan

Whis Foodie: Coffee Talk

My weekends oddly resemble my weekdays lately. I wake at the same horridly early hour to enjoy my oatmeal and venture in to my gym. I spend an hour of quality time with Breakfast Television from Monday to Friday and feel a small aspect of excitement for swapping it for the two handsome twins of Property Brothers on my weekend. Pathetic I know.

The other weekend victory is my time relaxing in a coffee shop before picking up groceries. Dressed in my swanky Lululemon attire I tuck away in a fav locale – note to self, in January short shorts do not blend in. After rave reviews and a product-test excursion to its original Pemberton digs, I felt it time to give Mt. Currie Coffee’s new address in Marketplace. The location is ideal for access in comparison to many of our other options, and it may just be their fresh perspective, but the baristas sure seem Pemberton -friendly. The same crowd seems to seek them out as well, with early morning sledders grabbing roast beef wraps for the road, and sweet treats for the mountain. Survival food that boasts not only fresh berries, but vegan, and gluten free ingredients takes on a new level of health. Their daily soup creation paired with a fresh panini seems like a great coercion for a return visit later in the day.

Now we all know space is something of a challenge to find in Whistler but I would say the use of every nook here is fun and modern. Oh, and the main attraction, the coffee, is regarded as the best in town by many who have sampled the new bean. As the artfully poured espresso scents the room you can’t help but feel cozy and comfy….even in too short shorts in January.

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