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5 Jan

#WhisterUnfiltered – Snow Play

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Posted by: Feet Banks

This just in. . . The fountain of youth has been discovered in Whistler and it’s not a fountain at all. It’s snow: sparkling beautiful, pristine powder snow.

Whether a 30-centimetre dump or a simple light dusting, fresh snow makes everything look clean and new. Whistler gets a facelift with every snowfall, through the smiles that new snow inevitably brings to everyone in town. There’s more to snow than skiing and snowboarding and whether trekking through it or zipping above it or sculpting, eating or throwing it at your friends, snow makes children of us all.

As owner of Canadian Wilderness Adventures, a Whistler company that specializes in playing in the snow, Al Crawford knows the kid-like rush that new snow can bring. “When I wake up and see a fresh snowfall I have to remind myself to eat breakfast before I rush out the door,” Al says. “I feel this wave of excitement and I have to force myself to slow down. It’s like a calling, a daily calling.”

Whether setting up old friends on a dogsled tour, leading a snowmobile trip into the backcountry or helping guests understand the value of snowshoeing through old-growth forest, Al has made a career out of sharing that calling and helping others experience the joys of playing in the snow.

“I see it everyday,” he says. “Full-grown adults acting like kids. Put us on a snowmobile and we’re all just big kids with bigger toys but the fun level is the same as it always was.”

Whistler Snowplay

And with some of the most consistent snow on the continent Whistler’s snow play fun levels can get turned on fast and frequently. From high-adrenaline endeavors like winter bungee or ziplining to free family fun like tobogganing, ice skating, or simply catching big fat coastal snowflakes on your tongue there’s an endless amount of snow play fun to be had in Whistler.

Snow is versatile stuff. We slide on it, jump in it, shred it, eat it, sculpt it, ball it, and most of all love it. Snow makes children of us all, the fountain of youth. Go get some.

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