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1 Jun

Whistler Art Workshops on the Lake Kick Off Summer

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Posted by: Feet Banks

Whistler is crawling with incredible artists. Somehow the mix of astounding scenery, international flavour, a fearless attitude and lots of fresh air has transformed what used to be a ski-jock-sports town into one of the BC’s most prolific artistic hubs.

We have great galleries, the Audain Museum coming soon, the Squamish Lil’wat Cultural Centre, a highly successful Art Walk, great stuff at the Farmer’s Market and plenty of high-octane outdoors lovers producing beautiful local pieces. And this weekend, the Whistler Arts Council kicks off their 7th season of Whistler Art Workshops on the Lake at one of the most inspiring places in town.

Alta Lake Station House


Tucked at the end of Alta Lake, where otters glide silently through the reeds and birds chirp from the treetops, the Alta Lake Station House is a heritage building with the kind of breathtaking views and peaceful vibe that offers a perfect chance for emerging artists to hone their skills and find inspiration under the guidance of successful professional artists from around BC.

“The Lake House is just a beautiful place,” says celebrated local landscape artist Chili Thom. “There is no traffic going by, no interruptions. You are just out on the lake surrounded by amazing mountains and peace and quiet. It’s incredible. And inside, the zone where you paint is two stories high. I always find creativity flows better with a high ceiling.”

With weekend workshops throughout the summer focusing on everything from nature-inspired landscapes to acrylic abstracts to willow basket weaving the ceiling of creativity at the Alta Lake Station House should be very high indeed.

Art on the lake, Whistler

“Good instruction can save many hours of trial and error,” says Vancouver Island art legend Grant Fuller, who kicks off the Art Workshops on the Lake this weekend with a 3-day course called Drawing: How to Get Started and How to Get Better.

“Drawing is the foundation of all graphic and sculptural art,” Grant says. “Learning methods to clear a path from the eye to the brain to the hand will not only improve the quality of your artwork but also vastly increase a student’s ability to see things they may otherwise never notice.”

It’s hard not to notice Whistler’s incredible scenery though, and while so many of us are inspired to climb up and ride down and hike amongst these mountains and forests, there’s also lot to be said for just sitting and staring and appreciating it all whilst creating your own mountain masterpiece.

Next weekend, June 7-9, 2013, Whistler artist Lisa Geddes teaches Playing with Paint. “Whistler is a great place to be an artist,” lisa says. “Not only because of the spectacular natural landscape and numerous ways to get out into nature and be inspired but also because of the many creative people who live here.”

Check out the full schedule and find a workshop to suit your taste and channel your own inner artist. Life imitates art and in Whistler, life is good.

West-Bowl West Bowl. Acrylic on Canvas. By Chili Thom

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