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18 Feb

Whistler Expertise: How To Wax Your Skis

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Posted by: Feet Banks

Your skis are an investment, they cost a lot of money and can take you to some of the most incredible places and greatest moments of your life. As such, it only makes sense to take good care of them. Whistler has a lot of incredible ski tuning shops but these days there is a growing number of skiers and snowboarders interested in the Hands-On, Do-It-Yourself ethos.

In this video, Waxmaster Colin Mont from TMC Freeriderz (Whistler’s original freeride ski shop) demonstrates the correct technique and philosophy behind waxing your own boards. This is a step-by-step guide but you’re going to need the following pieces of equipment to follow along: – a waxing bench to secure your skis, a waxing iron, a file for your edges, a soft and hard bristle brush, a hard plastic scarper and a waxing cork. You’ll also need some wax.

TMC Freeriderz sells all the necessary equipment online or at the shop but if the call of the mountains is just too strong there are lots of great tuning shops in town that will get your boards ready for a big day (you can do it yourself next time).

Whistler wax and ripping

So good luck and have fun. Skiing is a speed sport and the right wax job can make a huge difference. And for more information on how to actually enjoy those skis once you have them waxed up head to for accommodation, lift tickets, activities and more.

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