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3 Feb

Whistler Family Day: Raising a Mountain Kid

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Posted by: Feet Banks

whistler family ski

Guest Blogger: Vance Shaw

It starts with magic carpets and rope tows. As an adult, it hurts your knees and back. It tests your patience. When they fall, you wish you could take the pain for them, but each passing winter reveals a little more of their potential until, suddenly, they can clean their goggles, wipe their own snot and skate through flats all on their own. Your kid is a skier.

Soon they are off riding with friends, racing races and lapping park sessions without you. The enlightenment comes on slowly even as the experience happens in an instant — that little grommet from the rope tow speeds right past you one day and just like that, life will never be quite the same.

Whistler kids ski

In our children. we see our own hopes, dreams and passions wrapped up in one little being with all the potential that could possibly exist. Of course, they will be faster, stronger and better than you ever were, but some day, when you are not too old and they are not too young, you will rip the heck out of some swath of perfect snow somewhere, together. And that is what it’s all about.

Skiing with your kids is so awesome there is a Provincial holiday custom-made for it. BC Family Day is Monday February 9th, 2015 and has special BC Family Day deals for BC residents (including half-price lift tickets that day.) And if your kids really do rip harder than you don’t be shy about taking a lesson.

Whistler Olympic Park is also offering 1/2 price tickets on Family Day for XC skiing, snowshoeing and tobogganing and so is Lost Lake XC ski and snowshoe trails (you have to show up and buy those ones at the ticket booth that day though).

Or check out this Insider Blog post for other great Family Day ideas.

whistler family ski

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