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23 Jun

Whistler Favourites with Darcy Turenne

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Posted by: Feet Banks

Darcy Turenne is a super-duper mountain bike star, and one of the ripping-est chicks around. An ex-presenter for the globally syndicated travel/adventure show “Ride Guide” Darcy has graced all kinds of magazine covers and bike videos. She’s also a filmmaker with a Masters Degree in International Communications (basically she went to Spy School). Yesterday The Insider caught up with her for a chat over tea and couscous salad (that’s what she had) to discuss all things Whistler.

Mattias Fredriksson Photo.

Favourite Bike Park Run: Dirt Merchant. It’s a Bike Park classic but it’s hard to explain what I like so much about it… it just seems less busy and the jumps are diverse.

Favourite Bike Trail: There are so many good trails in Whistler but lately I think “Business Time” is awesome. It’s Duncan Mackenzie’s trail down in Function.

Favourite Breakfast Joint: For sure Mount Currie Coffee Company. They use locally sourced meats and veggies and teas. I like the grilled veggie breakfast burrito with a Namasthé Earl Grey tea.

Best Summer Après Spot: The patio at the Garibaldi Lift Company is awesome because you can eat fish tacos and watch bikers fall off the GLC drop. The staff there is also super cool.

Go-To Spot for a Romantic Evening: Araxi. Especially when they have their slow season specials on—it’s high-end romance at my kind of prices. The patio is nice in the summer.

Best Place to Party: Wherever your friends are. It’s not where you’re at it’s who you’re with. You should be able to make fun anywhere.

Favourite Place to Shop for Clothes: The Beach is awesome because I can go in there and I don’t have to think about making choices. They are very helpful.

Fave Event at Crankworx: Deep Summer photo challenge. Always.

Favourite Whistler Beach and Non-Biking Activity: I like Lost Lake after biking, it’s close and I can usually find friends there. For other activities I love Scandinave Spa-ing with my girlfriends. Eating is also a great non-biking activity. I like semi-competitive sushi eating at Sachi Sushi.

Darcy Turenne loves Whistler's Lost Lake

Best Place for a Quiet Lunch While Thinking about your Next Film: I LOVE the venison chili at the Squamish Lilwat Cultural Centre. The bannock is so heavy and fried-amazing. It’s very peaceful up there.

One Piece of Advice for Anyone Coming to Whistler: The Sake Margaritas at Sushi Village are the best way to end your day and start your night.

Follow Darcy on Instagram at @HELLODARCY and check out her films on her website. Here’s a little promo she made showcasing the next generation of Bike Park rippers.

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