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6 Jul

Whistler Glacier Hike– Scenery and Ice Axes

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Posted by: Feet Banks

Glacier hike on Whistler Mountain. Set it at 720p HD for the best alpine viewing experience.

Hiking is one of Whistler’s most popular summer activities and there are more incredible alpine trails around here than you can shake a walking stick at. To really get that big mountain hiking experience however, it’s best to get a little snow under your feet and head out onto a glacier. The Insider hooks up with Chelsea and the Whistler Alpine Guides Bureau for a sweet and scenic Glacier Hike up on Whistler Mountain. Check it out above.

Or, if you prefer air under your toes rather than snow, the Whistler Alpine Guides also lead tours up the Via Ferrata, a steep and exciting climbing experience ending at incredible Whistler Peak. Check it out below.

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