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24 Jun

Whistler Golf Cuisine: Beyond the Club Sandwich

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Posted by: Feet Banks

Whistler Golf

They say it is the most popular menu item in the world. That no matter where you are, if there’s a hotel or golf course nearby you can find a Club Sandwich and enjoy the familiarity of crisp bacon, roasted turkey, mayo, lettuce and tomato served on double-decker toasted bread.

The origins and exact original recipe of the club sandwich remain somewhere shrouded in mystery. Some feel the extra slice of toast is sacrilege, others view turkey as essential and a chicken club as a total knockoff. Most historians seem to agree the infamous sandwich was first served in New York’s Saratoga Club in 1894 but regardless of the specifics, people have been eating the classic club sandwich for over 100 years.

So maybe it’s time for something different? The Insider shimmied up to the clubhouse tables at Whistler’s world class golf courses and spoke with resident chefs about what’s fresh and exciting this summer for golfers (and anyone else) looking to go beyond the club sandwich.

Caution: Reading this while hungry may incite drooling.

Nicklaus North Golf Course

Nicklaus North has recently revamped their clubhouse dining area and Table 19 is now a culinary destination in its own right. Dark wooden tables and bright live grasses punctuate the dining space and the Nick North patio — with big views of Green Lake, Wedge Mountain and the Armchair Glacier — is still considered the most scenic in town.

Chef: Eric Gilchrist
“Local produce season is just starting up and we are moving the menu more towards that— more ethical, more local. I get excited when the back door opens and someone from one of the farms in Pemberton walks in saying, ‘This carrot was in the ground 90 minutes ago.”

Nick North

Clubhouse Alternatives:
For a light meal: Seared Day Boat Scallops with Local Greens. Huge, fresh, succulent Atlantic scallops cooked perfectly are served atop Pemberton greens with Okanagan goat cheese, strawberries, blueberries, raspberries and a truffle citrus dressing. You will seriously consider licking the plate after every single morsel has been devoured.

For hungrier golfers: “I’m really proud of our burgers,” Eric says. “Handmade Pemberton beef or rangeland Bison patties with crisp Kurobata pork belly, Canadian smoked cheddar and pale-ale braised onions. Some people will always want to fall back on the old standards like a club sandwich but biting into these burgers… it’s an intimate experience.”

More info on Nicklaus North and Table 19 Lakeside Eatery.

Fairmont Chateau Whistler Golf Club

With Southern views of the first tee, the Fairmont clubhouse benefits from being able to tap into the massive Fairmont Chateau Whistler hotel for the freshest and highest quality ingredients. And when it comes to the menu they’re not afraid to think outside the clubhouse.

First Cook: Carrie Cooper
“We do a lot of avocado this time of year and BBQ every chicken per order. So we’re barbecuing all day long. It’s very summery.”

Fairmont food

Clubhouse Alternatives:
For a light meal: Dungeness Crab Croissant. “This is the freshest of fresh,” Carrie says. “The croissant is made this morning and the Dungeness is always fresh, we’re really not that far from the ocean. Avocado makes everything amazing.”
And delicious.

For hungrier golfers: Tee’d Off Burger has two made-in-house patties, smoked goudea and pancetta. But be sure to try the beer battered, deep fried pickles. “It’s something exciting and a little different,” Carrie says. “Pickle spears battered in Whistler Beer batter.”

More info on the Fairmont Chateau Whistler Golf Club.

Whistler Golf Club

Whistler’s original course, located right next to the Village, is also home to Palmer’s Gallery Bar Grill, which boasts an incredible patio just off the 18th green surrounded by massive, ancient cedars. It’s Whistler Village’s best kept secret lunch spot.

Chef: Richard Johnson
“Everyone wants a clubhouse sandwich, it’s a classic, like a cheeseburger. But if you are going to make one, make a good one. Use fresh ingredients.”

Whistler Golf Cuisine

Clubhouse Alternatives:
For a light meal: The Fish Tacos are made with fresh BC halibut, housemade corn salsa and guacamole, a fresh-made slaw and lime aioli. “All our dressings are made in-house,” Richard says.

For hungrier golfers: “The fish and chips uses the same fresh BC halibut. We’re also hand making all our hamburger patties from Canadian Beef and we’re making our potato chips right here as well. We have the standard chip options too but it’s important to source locally and don’t buy a hamburger patty that comes out of a box from who knows where.”

More info on the Whistler Golf Club.

Whistler Nicklaus North Golf

For deals and more info on golf packages, accommodations, dining and anything else to do with Whistler hit up And if you’re into sandwiches check out, a local website where sandwich lovers build culinary creations high in the backcountry and far from the comforts of a standard kitchen. Then they share photos and video of their creations.

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