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19 Jun

Whistler Golf – The Elusive Hole-in-One

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Posted by: Feet Banks

They say you have a better chance of being struck by lightning on your backswing than sinking a hole-in-one but for golfers of any skill level the “ace” remains the holy grail of the game and this summer Whistler, with four world-class courses to choose from, may be the spot to make your hole-in-one dreams come true.

Insurance companies who underwrite all the big tournaments estimate that the odds of a regular golfer sinking an hole-in-one sit somewhere around 12,500 to 1 (it goes down to 2500 to 1 for touring pros) but each summer Whistler golfers see our fair share of aces, maybe it’s the thin alpine air up here.

“We’ve had two already this year,” Says Al Kristmanson, director at the Whistler Golf Club, “both on hole 17. It plays downwind so we get them there the most.”

Al knows firsthand the exhilaration of golf’s most sought-after score, he knocked down a hole-in-one earlier this month at the BC Seniors Tournament in Vernon BC. “I just turned 50,” Al admits. “So it was a nice way to start my senior career. With a hole-in-one there is always a huge element of luck but you still feel like, ‘Why can’t I do that every time?’”

Why indeed? To help you achieve hole-in-one glory this summer The Insider hooked with pros at each of our courses to get the inside scoop on where Whistler’s aces usually occur. After that, it’s up to you.
A golf game can be a great equalizer, we all hit bad shots, we all have personal best rounds, and the hole-in-one is a common goal that every golfer can strive for. From a pro like Al to a serious weekend warrior to a hack-slicing turf-smasher like myself—we can all dream.

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