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8 Aug

Whistler Leisure and Pleasure Videos: Water

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Posted by: Feet Banks

Whistler is known for all sorts of high-octane adventure and the summer months offer no shortage of exciting and exhilarating activities. Summer is also a really good time to take it easy though, so The Insider is producing a series of short videos highlighting some of the more leisurely and relaxing summer endeavours Whistler has to offer.

For day two of the Whister Leisure Pleasure videos The Insider hooks up with local Stand Up Paddleboarder Todd Lawson to talk about the joys of exploring Whistler’s lakes and beaches and floating the Whistler waterways on a paddle board, canoe, or kayak.

As summer progresses keep an eye out for more videos in the Whistler Leisure Pleasure series and you can always customize your own bit of Whistler leisure (or excitement) at

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