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6 Sep

Whistler Leisure Videos: Caesars & Patios

TAG: Culinary

Posted by: Feet Banks

Whistler is known for all sorts of high-octane adventure and the summer months offer no shortage of exciting and exhilarating activities. Summer is also a really good time to take it easy though, so The Insider is producing a series of short videos highlighting some of the more leisurely and relaxing summer endeavours Whistler has to offer.

As the warm weather winds down early September is the perfect time to cram in a few last Whistler patio sessions and what better drink to celebrate with than Canada’s favourite cocktail: the Caesar.

For this Whister Leisure Pleasure video The Insider hooks up with Amy Huddle, winner of the 2014 Bearfoot Bistro Bloody Caesar Battle to find some sun and drink some drinks. Come get it while the getting’s good.

Catch up on the other Leisure Pleasure videos with Leisure: Disc Golf and Leisure: Water. We’re hoping to sneak one more video in before Autumn really hits so stay tuned. And you can always customize your own bit of Whistler leisure (or excitement) at

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