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10 Mar

Whistler Nightlife: Local Words of Wisdom

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Posted by: Feet Banks

A rational person would go to bed early.

After an exhilarating day of fresh air and adventure in the mountains, it only makes sense to get a good night’s sleep and rest up for the big day. Whistler, however, is not a rational person. As the sun dips and the mountain snowfields light up with alpenglow, Whistler does not go gently into that good night. There is very little “resting up.”

Instead Whistler transforms into raging nightlife buffet of flashing lights, ambidextrous bartenders, go-go dancers and big, dirty bass lines. With six nightclubs and a dozen bar, pubs and lounges all within walking distance of each other Whistler partiers have options in every direction. The weekly listings in Pique Newsmagazine reveal everything from acoustic jam sessions to martini nights to skateboarding in the nightclub, to punk album-releases, often at the same time. Touring bands and DJs will zip up from their Vancouver gigs for a few days of riding and a chance to play a more intimate gig, and Whistler is almost always hosting some kind of large-scale event full of reasons to kick out the jams.

To help navigate the “ins and outs” and the “dos and don’ts” of Whistler after-dark The Insider reached out to some of the town’s most prominent bar stars, DJs, bartenders and party people to bring you these local words of wisdom. So play safe, have fun, and never drink and drive.

Whistler Nightclubbing

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