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11 Apr

Whistler World Ski & Snowboard Festival Survival Guide

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Posted by: Feet Banks

It all starts tomorrow!

Friday April 12, 2013 kicks off the World Ski Snowboard Festival which, for the past 18 years, has literally rocked Whistler to its roots with ten days of free concerts, huge-air ski and snowboard contests, film, photography, art, theatre, free stuff and more fun than most ski hills pack into their entire season.

Whistler WSSF

But with so much going on and so many reasons to get wild and celebrate another great winter, it’s good to have a game plan in place if you want to thrive and survive throughout the entire ten days of the Fest. Always keen to help, The Insider has compiled this simple survival guide to make sure you’re still going strong at the closing party.

1. Drink lots of tap water. Bottled water is for suckers, Whistler has some of the best and freshest water in the universe. Look at all these snowy white glaciers, that is clean water waiting for you to drink it. Whether you’re on the hill in the sun or gallavanting under the nightclub lights be sure to pound lots of tapwater, it tastes better and creates less garbage.

2. Free is Key. The Outdoor Concert Series is free, so is the Fashion Exposed show, DogFest parade, Mascot Mayhem, Shred Show and Skier Big Air. Also, Fest sponsors have booths set up throughout
the Village handing out all sorts of useful gear (including Beef Jerky).

3. Tickets to Sold-Out events. Epic shows like the Pro Photo Showdown and 72-Hour Filmmaker Showdown often sell out (the Filmmaker showdown added a second night of screenings, check it). Often people will be selling their extra tickets outside the front door just before the event starts. There are also lots of people looking for tix though so dress to impress and be quick on your feet. Sometimes you can win tickets to sold out shows at the Outdoor Concert Series every afternoon or the organizers will release small batch the morning of the event. Keep your ear to the ground and your eyes on the prize.

4. HOT NEW EVENT! If you are too young to remember Roller Derby from the 80s and 90s now’s your chance to check out the hottest contact sport on vintage wheels. The Squamish Sirens take on Whistler’s Black Diamond Betties in the first annual Vengeance in the Valley, Monday April 15 at the Conference Centre.

5. Adrenaline Rush. Nothing clears away last night’s cobwebs like a shot of adrenaline and bombing down the ski hill head first on a professionally engineered toboggan. Check out the Bromley BaseBoards demo area at the top of Emerald Chair on Whistler. (There’s a video at the end to get you stoked).

6. Have fun, play safe, pace yourself, ride hard, and enjoy the shows.

Here is the Bromley BaseBoard Vid. Demos on Whistler Mountain all festival long.

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