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16 Dec

Whistler’s 2nd Day of Christmas: Tube Park

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Posted by: Feet Banks

Editor’s Note:These are the 12 days of Christmas: Whistler Style. So strap in and get ready for a week and a half of snow, excitement, twinkling lights, good times, great food and fantastic winter enjoyment. No Partridges, no pear trees (although there may be some tree skiing.) Happy Holidays.

Okay, it’s the second day of Christmas in Whistler, you definitely won’t find two turtle doves floating around but we do have a Tube Park! The Whistler Blackcomb Tube Park is located next to the ski slopes up above Blackcomb Base 2 and they start their tubing season today.

Whistler tube park

“We have one of the longest Tube Parks around,” says Steve McFadden Tube Park Manager. “it’s almost 1000 feet long and one of the steeper tube parks out there. It can really get exhilarating.”

Steve and his crew have been hammering away the past week to get the park into primo shape for the holiday season. “It’s looking good,” he says, “and as we get more and more snowfall it’s only going to get better.”

The Tube Park is accessible by taking the Excalibur gondola out of Whistler Village (it’s free for foot passengers) or by driving and parking in Lot 8, and is open till 8pm nightly. The ride is family friendly (Steve doesn’t build jumps in the middle) although children must be three years old and taller than 91 centimetres (3 feet) to partake. “Make sure you wear decent winter boots, not ski boots,” Steve adds. “We have a conveyor belt to get you up the slope but there is still a bit of walking around and ski boots are no good for that.”

Admission tickets are sold in one or two hour chunks, hit for hours and info.Last winter the Tube Park saw over 40,000 participants. And you know forty thousand tubers can’t be wrong. Have fun!

Last Minute Gift Idea #2

awesome cupBeing surrounded by the natural beauty of Whistler can really help a person understand the value of protecting our environment and planet. Why not give a re-usable coffee mug this holiday season and prevent some of those disposable cups hitting our local landfill. You can find them at most coffee shops in town but The Insider is currently rocking the branded steel ones at the Mount Currie Coffee Co located on Main street.

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