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16 Feb

Whistler’s Week of Love: The Last Word

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Posted by: Feet Banks

And there you have it, the 7-day Love Whistler celebration officially ends today and the daily theme is simply “Love Whistler”.

And we do here at The Insider, very much so. In fact, a pretty strong case could be made that every single post we publish essentially has the theme of “Love Whistler” so to end things off how about we take someone else’s word for it?

The Lustful Wanderer left her home in Australia in 2010 to travel the globe and discover life’s great truths before ending up right here in our lovely mountain town a couple years ago. She has her own reasons for loving Whistler and we couldn’t agree more. Check ’em out by clicking this big blue link.

A Love Affair With Whistler – The Lustful Wanderer

And there we have it. Thanks for sharing the love. is offering 10% off gift certificates over on the Love Whistler page. Good for pretty much anything sells. You gotta love that.

Live your dreams, love your life.

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