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26 Jan


TAG: #WhisterUnfiltered, Amped-Up Adventure

Posted by: Feet Banks

A picture may be worth a thousand words but sometimes that just ain’t enough. Periodically throughout the winter The Whistler Insider will select an image from the #WhistlerUnfiltered archives and dig a little deeper to find the story behind the photo (and the thousand words.)This week we’re talking to Declan, from Australia about the perfectly timed “Dropping In” photo below.

Dropping In!

This is my mate Harry, mid-face plant on Whistler mountain. That was our first time in Whistler and overall the slopes have been INCREDIBLE. The mountains here are unlike anything I’ve ever skied and I wasn’t expecting such an amazing amount of powder.

Dropping in to any Whistler ski run is all about confidence and falling is part of the journey to success.I think the secret to skiing in Whistler is being able to share it with friends.

Everyone should drop in on the Symphony Bowl because it has plenty of jumps and opportunities to take embarrassing photos of your friends stacking. After this shot was taken we tried dropping a few cliffs and then later we hit the Dubh Linn Gate for some hard-earned refreshments.

People in Whistler seem so accommodating and welcoming and if I could live here all the time I would be in absolute Paradise.

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