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10 Apr

#WhistlerUnfiltered: Behind the Photo – Spring!

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Posted by: Feet Banks

A picture may be worth a thousand words but sometimes that just ain’t enough. Periodically throughout the year The Whistler Insider will select an image from the #WhistlerUnfiltered archives and dig a little deeper to find the story behind the photo (and the thousand words).

This week we talk spring in the mountains with longtime Whistler local and prolific #WhistlerUnfiltered submitter Jorge Alvarez.

Multi-sport day in Whistler.JORGE ALVAREZ PHOTO.

The Insider: What’s going on in this shot?

Jorge: Nothing. I went down to Alta Lake and I was hanging out on the dock with my dog. We went for a walk on the ice and fell through – I had to rescue him. Thankfully I could reach him but I decided the dock is not a good place to hang out and went over to the beach. I was chilling with my phone and I looked up and saw this couple in a canoe, the girl with the paddle was hitting the ice, trying to break it up so I snapped a picture. It was nothing special I was just sitting there with my phone.I couldn’t hear what song the guy with the guitar was playing.

The Insider: Looks pretty awesome though – right now is that awesome time of year in Whistler when you can do a lot of the summer activities and winter activities all in the same day.

Jorge: Yes, exactly. I went to the lake to see when it would thaw because I want to bring out my stand-up paddleboard. The whole north end of the lake was opening up and also along the shoreline.

Whistler SpringA few of Jorge’s other spring shots on #WhistlerUnfiltered.

The Insider: What would your ideal multi-sport spring day in Whistler be?

Jorge: If I wasn’t hungover and it was a nice sunny day I would go for a canoe or stand-up paddleboard in the morning then once it softened up on the hill I would go ski or snowboard for a few hours and then in the late afternoon I’d go jump on my bike. Water, snow, earth – that is a good day.

The Insider: You are very involved with #WhistlerUnfiltered, what do you like the most about it?

Jorge: I like the name the best, because with Instagram it is all about filters. I like the antithesis— I think that is the word— of it all, where the meaning is completely reverse of what all us contributors have been doing. It’s like speaking in tongues through photography.

The Insider: Ha! You’ve been photographing Whistler and the area since 1984. What inspires you to keep shooting every day?

Jorge: I love it and I keep hoping that maybe one day I will get to take a picture of Bigfoot, but mine will be in focus.

WhistlerUnfiltered shots

Check out the #WhistlerUnfiltered archives for more great photos of Spring in the mountains and if you want to learn more about Jorge hit up Toad Hall, the excellent Whistler art and design studio he co-founded back in the 1980s.

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