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19 Oct

#WhistlerUnfiltered – Behind the Photo

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Posted by: Feet Banks

A picture may be worth a thousand words but sometimes that just ain’t enough. Periodically throughout the winter The Whistler Insider will select an image from the #WhistlerUnfiltered archives and dig a little deeper to find the story behind the photo (and the thousand words.)

This week we’ve tracked down Nicole, a #WhistlerUnfiltered submitter and a hot tub specialist (judging from the toque and sunglasses) to learn a bit more about what it is that gets her stoked on Whistler. Since she lives in Vancouver we opted for a “fill-in-the-blanks” interview and here’s what Nicole has to say.

I get up to Whistler about 6-8 times in the winter, always with a crew of energetic friends. We pile into my Jeep after my workweek in Van city and head up.

The secret to a successful Whistler trip is all about the hot tub, no matter what season! The après hot tub session is the standard BC way to finish off a perfect day (and start the night off right.)

A die-hard winter weekend in Whistler consists of blue bird days, fresh pow, good friends, Fireball in your jacket pocket, epic toques/sunnies, A535 muscle cream and a Caesar on a patio!

Driving up the highway to Whistler is always an adventure and nothing beats the guaranteed picturesque views, an old school 80’s road trip soundtrack, and the other vehicles full of eager skiers/borders posting signs in their car windows with their cell numbers in hopes of seeing you and your friends dance in the cage later that evening at Buffalo Bills!

If I could eat every meal at Kypriaki’s Greek restaurant I would be the happiest girl in town!! and my favourite thing to do after a day on the slopes is hit up the Longhorn for a patio Caesar or Mexican Bulldog, and grab a Zog’s hot dog while people-watching in the Village! (Watching rookies attempt to carry their rental equipment is quite amusing to someone who’s been skiing since they were 3. It just never gets old!) Then it’s hot tub time!

One secret everyone going to Whistler should know is Franz’s Run is only amazing when it’s groomed, Grand Finale is the spot for moguls, the best photo op location is at the top of Climax or Couloir Extreme. and make sure you always remember where you parked your car, and don;
‘t forget to Instagram your Whis pics to #WhistlerUnfiltered. And hug your Lifties… They wish they were on the mountain too!

Whenever I hear that it snowed in Whistler I stare intently at a the signed picture of Warren Miller I have in my office (it reads: Nicole, No Guts.. No Glory!) I bet Warren didn’t need 5 days of work in every week. And if I lived up there all the time I would get out and meet as many people as possible, experience all of the activities and festivals Whis has to offer (Cornucopia is one of my favourites, and just around the corner!) and aspire to be a successful business woman who could afford to have a “Gone Skiing” sign hanging in my store window.

To me, Anticipation means the leaves are starting to fall and the torrential downpours will hit Van city… I just eagerly wait for the first flakes of the year.

Once you get to Whistler everyone should enjoy every gondola ride, mogul and patio because it flies by too fast! Cheers to another epic season!

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