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6 Feb

Would you Visit a Cat Cafe in Vancouver?

Cat Cafe Vancouver

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Yes, a cat cafe is a real thing. No, the cats aren’t the only thing on the menu. Cat cafes are already quite popular in a few other places around the world, namely Japan, where patrons can pay to get into a cat cafe where cats can be watched, played with, and petted.

Now, Vancouver could be getting its very own cat cafe if the city approves business entrepreneur Michelle Furbacher’s proposal. Support for the idea has already been overwhelming, and while it may be impossible to serve food or drinks at the cat cafe because of strict bylaws, Furbacher has other plans in mind.

By taking food out of the equation, a cat cafe in Vancouver could work as more of an internet cafe where people could pay an entrance fee to hang out, de-stress, do homework, or just surf the internet while chilling out with some cats.

Furbacher is currently in the process of meeting with various animal shelters in Vancouver to discuss how to maintain a clean, safe environment with cats, so that they would pose no danger of a health hazard.

cat cafe vancouver 2014

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Cleanliness is a major concern for Furbacher, both for the welfare of cats and humans. Plans for a separate litter box room and a fancy ventilation system would be installed, and all surfaces would be cleaned extremely regularly. As well, all cats would be screened by a vet before coming to live at the cafe, and would be up to date on all their vaccinations.

Not only would a cat cafe in Vancouver be a great place for eliminating stress, it could act as a social club of sorts where cat people could come together with other cat people and talk about… you guessed it… cats!

Best of all, Furbacher will be working with local shelters to find cats that could “work” at the cat cafe, adoptable for anyone who falls in love. The cafe would act as a foster home for them, giving them more exposure to the public, and giving them a chance to become a part of a new family.

With over 1,000 fans on their Facebook page in under a week, the cat cafe in Vancouver is receiving a huge amount of support from cat lovers looking for a furry friend to accompany them while they surf the net.

What do you think of a cat cafe in Vancouver? Would you be one of the first people in line on opening day? Let us know in the comment section!

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