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8 Sep

Your new favourite Cafe – Thierry

If you are craving something a little more off the beaten track than the duelling Starbucks on Robson and Thurlow streets in downtown Vancouver  – and frankly, who isn’t – might I suggest you head one block over to Thierry.  Located on Alberni Street, between Burrard and Thurlow – this recently opened chocolaterie patisserie café is certain to scratch a multitude of sweet related itches you may have.

Handcrafted chocolates, macarons, pastries and desserts abound at Thierry, which is part of the renowned Top Table Group of Restaurants (comprised of Cin-Cin, Blue Water Café, West and Araxi).  It is also a full service café – with coffee, sandwiches, quiche and a variety of other great options.

For me though, it was all about the macarons. Not to be confused with MacarOOns, which are the  coconut haystack type cookies.  MacarOns are decidedly French –  almond based (gluten free friends rejoice!)  I developed an obsession when I was in Australia for my cousin’s wedding earlier this year. And thankfully Thierry has stepped up to help with this obsession. They even have cute little gift boxes to make me test my will power even more!

They are light and sweet, a little crunchy on the outside, chewy and cakey on the inside. With a creamy centre.  A sometimes a little fruit surprise right in the centre, which is a nice touch! So tasty. Because the almond base is pretty basic, the flavour combinations that can be created are pretty much endless.  Thierry generally has at least 6 different flavours on the go any given time and I have heard that they can run out of the more popular flavours by late afternoon. My personal faves (so far, as I haven’t had a chance to try them all – yet) are the chocolate caramel, lemon and passionfruit. I have heard great things about the Black Forest, but they haven’t had any when I have been by. I am hoping they will go a little “out there” with some flavour combinations in the future – I have had rosemary and olive, goats cheese and blueberry,  and something to do with Wasabi……

Have any of you been by there yet? How are the rest of the pastries? Or the chocolates? Let me know in the comments and perhaps I will give the macaron’s a rest next time I am there.

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