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3 Aug



    Posted by Alexander Dunphy

    The formidable Montreal music scene has given birth to some seriously awesome bands and the Osheaga Music and Arts festival has grown into a great place to discover them. Here, therefore, are 10 Montreal bands at Osheaga you won’t want to miss

    Solids (Friday, Aug 3 @ 1:00 PM, Scene des Arbres): Solids is an alternative grunge band of Xavier Germain Poitras and Louis Guillemette. Their EP Generic Dogs is legit grunge, so definitely worth checking out.

    Kaytradamus (Saturday, Aug 4 @ 3:15 PM, Scene Piknic Electronik): Kaytradamus is the hip-hop, electronica, funk, disco creation of Kevin Celestin, a Haitian native turned Montreal mix master.

    Vosper (Sunday, Aug 5 @ 2:00 PM, Scene Piknic Electonik): Vosper is a Montreal based duo made up of Edouard Le and Christopher Byron. They just come out with their first EP entitled “Release.”

    Plants and Animals (Saturday, Aug 4 @ 3:45 PM, Scene de la Riviere): Nominated for two Juno awards in 2009 for their first album “Parc Avenue.” Plants and Animals has an indie rock vibe and released their third studio album “The End of That” earlier this year.

    Adventure Club (Saturday, Aug 4 @ 9:45 PM, Scene Piknic Electronik): Adventure Club, besides having the best name ever, is a dubstep duo from Christian Srigley and Leighton James of Montreal. Definitely one of those duos you have to see and hear.

    Asexuals (Sunday, Aug 5 @ 9:00 PM, Scene des Arbres): Asexuals were a big deal in the Montreal punk scene in the 80s, and proving that the music never dies, they’ll be playing a nostalgic set of punk rock at Osheaga.

    Koriass (Sunday, Aug 5 @ 3:10 PM, Scene des Arbres): Montreal based rapper Koriass has made his mark on the Quebecois music scene with shows at the Francofolies and the Festival D’été de Quebec. He has two albums out to date: Petites Victoires and Les Racines dans le Beton.

    Les Breastfeeders (Friday, Aug 3 @ 10:10 PM, Scene des Arbres): Remember what I said about Adventure Club having the best name ever? I was wrong. It’s Les Breastfeeders, a franco group that’s been rocking out Montreal since 1999.

    Half Moon Run (Friday, Aug 3 @ 8:50 PM, Scene des Arbres): Folksy, popish, with a dash of electronica, Half Moon Run is a show that I’ll be in the crowd for. Aged only 21-25 years old, they’re making big waves on the Canadian music scene already.

    Young Galaxy (Saturday, Aug 4 @ 5:00 PM, Scene Des Arbres): A little bit indie rock, a little bit dream pop, Young Galaxy has deservedly played alongside major bands like Arcade Fire, Stars, and more.



    Osheaga Music and Arts Festival, August 3-5, 2012



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