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1 Jun

5 Foods to Try at a Vancouver Night Market this Summer

Richmond Night Market Vancouver

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The night markets in Vancouver are a summer staple with thousands of people flocking to buy cheap socks, knock-off sunglasses, and cell phone cases. But, we all know what the night markets in Vancouver are really about… the food! Weird food, cheap food, and lots of deep-fried goodness!

While the North Vancouver night market is making a valiant effort in providing amazing food choices (from 20+ food truck vendors), the Richmond night markets (International Summer Night Market and Richmond Night Market) are already well-established for their huge variety of food vendors. But, what should you be saving space in your stomach for? We’ve got 5 awesome foods you’ve gotta try if you head to the night markets in Vancouver this summer.

Richmond Night Market 2014

1. Rotato

Also known as the Hurricane Potato or the Tornado Potato, the Rotato is one of the most popular food items at the night market. The lineup usually stretches for at least 15 minutes, and the price is a little steep ($6), but there’s something great about eating a deep fried potato twisted around a stick. It’s like eating really, really fresh chips… on a stick. You can also choose between a variety of toppings including pizza, salt vinegar, garlic, and more. A must have.

Richmond Night Market 2014

2. Takoyaki

Octopus balls. Delicious, delicately created balls of dough stuffed with pieces of octopus. Honestly, the octopus is easily forgotten because the balls themselves are so delicious. Some booths also offer mushroom balls, duck balls, and other options if octopus isn’t your favourite flavour. There are a few booths serving up octopus balls, and there is even a giant takoyaki version. A warm, doughy piece of octopus-flavoured heaven!

Richmond Night Market 2014

3. BBQ Squid

Calamari, without the deep-fried crumb crust. BBQ squid is a must-try at the Richmond Night Markets. Whether you’re interested in purchasing an entire squid, or just bite-sized pieces, it’s a meal that everyone should try at least once. Whether you just want a photo-op of a tentacle sticking out of your mouth, or you just like the flavour, pick up a plate of bbq squid for a chewy and tasty adventure.

Richmond Night Market Vancouver 2014

4. Dragon’s Beard Candy

Dragon’s beard candy is a perfect description of what you’ll be eating. It looks like a dragon’s beard, but tastes like candy. Dragon’s Beard is a handmade “Chinese cotton candy” that looks like cotton swabs, but tastes much better. The spun sugar is wrapped around a delicate pile of nuts and shaped into its pillow form. It looks strange, tastes great and is a good memento from the Richmond Night Market.

Richmond Night Market Vancouver 2014

5. Ice cream filled cone things

New (?) to the night market, these hollow corn puffs are filled with delicious ice cream for a soft-serve treat. This booth was particularly popular as the tubes make for a pretty funny photo opportunity. While the taste is not that special (just tastes like a cone from McDonalds), it’s really about the weirdness of the food, and it’s pretty darn weird. If you’d prefer something more tasty for dessert, the Richmond Night Market is always popular for its mango ice creams and icy melts. Or, bubble tea.

There you have it! Five delicious foods to try the next time you’re at the Richmond Night Market or the International Summer Market. Are we missing something? Let us know in the comment section below!

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